Non-commercial Partnership the “Professionals of electronic market” are instructed to develop the criteria for the accreditation of trading facilities according 223-ФЗ (223 Federal Law) (corporate purchasing)

Within the framework of the reformation of the market of purchases of state-owned companies the Ministry of Economic Development proposes to accredit electronic trading facilities for working in accordance with 223-ФЗ.
Development of criteria for accreditation entrusted to the professional community of electronic facilities – Professionals of Electronic Market (NP “PER”).

On 22 July at the trading facility of the NP “PER” (Non-Commercial Partnership “PER”) took place a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development with the participants of the market of commercial purchasing. The meeting was organized by the Ministry. The main subject – the future reformation of the market of corporate purchasing (public purchasing of state-owned companies, which are carried out within the framework of 223-ФЗ). The main discussion was about the conditions of entering the market and ways to control the activity of trading facilities.
On the part of the business community in the meeting took part the major participants of the market of commercial purchasing – ETF GPB (electronic trading facility of Gazprombank), B2B-Center, RTS-Tender, OTC, Auction Competitive House, TenderPro, ETF OJSC “Russian Railways”, SET-online, Torgi223, ESTP (“Energospetstransproekt”), Avtodor-Trading Systems, Rosseti, Expert RA (RAEX), Interfax, SKB Kontur (Specialized Design Bureau), AETP (Association of Electronic Trading Facilities), OJSC AHRF and so on, altogether 40 trading facilities.

On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development Ikryannikov Sergey E. spoke, Deputy Director of the Department of Development of Contract System of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

Sergei Ikryannikov confirmed the intention of the Ministry not to limit the number of electronic facilities for work in the segment of corporate purchasing. Mechanisms of regulation of their work and the condition of their entering the market will become the accreditation in the Ministry of Economic Development on the basis of unified requirements for ETF. Sergei Ikryannikov suggested to involve the professional community in the development of the unified requirements.
In accordance with this proposal NP “PER” was instructed to present as soon as possible the criteria for the selecting to be discussed by the professional community, and in the beginning of August to forward them to the Ministry for consideration.
In addition NP “PER” was instructed, together with the FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) of Russia to work out a package of measures for the ETF responsibility (now the activity of electronic trading facilities is not regulated and there is no responsibility for violations).

According to Andrey Stepanenko, Chairman of the Board of NP “Professionals of Electronic Market”, the proposals of the Ministry fully meet the demands of the market. “The current situation in the market of corporate purchases (under 223-ФЗ) requires a revision and state regulation. At the same time the selection of a limited number of trading facilities, as it is scheduled under 44-ФЗ (44 Federal Law), is inappropriate here. While waiting for the selection under 44-ФЗ the participants spent the amount up to 1 million dollars for the technical modernization of their systems. It is important that the regulation of the market of corporate purchasing in accordance with 223-ФЗ does not put them to similar expenses. Open market of corporate purchases works for more than 3 years, it specified its own leaders and strong participants of the second echelon. The market works, it needs only to be structured. Unified requirements for electronic facilities, accreditation and clauses of responsibility are developed exactly to accomplish this task”.