AIZhK choose a partner for the sale of plots for housing construction

The Mortgage Housing Credit Lending Agency (AIZhK) and the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) entered into a Contract on cooperation while selling, with the view of housing construction, land plots and other objects of real estate owned by the Russian Federation.

As a part of this cooperation the AHRF will act as an organizer of classical and electronic biddings throughout the territory of Russia.
In the work will be involved all branch offices of the AHRF, engaged in provision of effective sale of land plots in distant regions of the RF.
Besides auction holding, the Auction House will be engaged in searching for future buyers and working with them, information supporting of sales, marketing and entertaining events.

Under the Contract holding of 90 auctions is scheduled.
The first biddings can take place early in the second quarter of 2018.

“The AHRF has a many years’ experience in sales of the federal property as part of privatization and is the land market expert. The Company works throughout the territory of the RF. Only in 2017 the AHRF sold 140 plots for housing construction with a total area of 3,700 ha and a total value of 9.3 billion rubles.
We are sure, that we will be useful for effective involvement in a construction turnover of the federal lands, for searching for reliable investors in the sector of integrated development of territories.
Our regional employees well know local markets, demands and proposals of local developers. Due to such resource, we will be able to achieve an effective result”, – noted Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.