Announced the date of bidding for the sale of 7.7 he for housing construction near the Congress and Exhibition Center Expoforum Complex development project “On Tsarskoselsky Hills”

On 23 December the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) has appointed an auction for the sale of four land plots as separate lots for low-rise apartment residential development in close proximity to the Congress and Exhibition Complex Expoforum.
Urban Development Plans of the land plots are issued, all communications are brought to the borders, the road and street network is created.

Address: Pulkovo highway, Shushary settlement, Saint Petersburg.

1. Plot 435
Area – 1.84 he.
Expected housing area – 14.3 thousand sq. m.
Starting price – 315 million rubles, minimum price – 120 million rubles.
2. Plot 437
Area – 2 he.
Expected housing area – 19.5 thousand sq. m.
Starting price – 380 million rubles, minimum price – 165 million rubles.
3. Plot 444
Area – 2 he.
Expected housing area – 19.5 thousand sq. m.
Starting price – 380 million rubles, minimum price – 165 million rubles.
4. Plot 572
Area – 1.84 he.
Expected housing area – 14.1 thousand sq. m.
Starting price – 310 million rubles, minimum price – 120 million rubles.

For plot 572 the positive results of expert examination of the construction project are obtained. When buying the project documentation will be handed at no extra charge with the right to carry out the project (accordingly, the Buyer can immediately open a building permit or, if desired, to develop a new project).

The territory is situated in the south-east area of St. Petersburg at the entrance to Pushkin, between Pulkovo and Petersburg highways.
The airport Pulkovo is in 10 minutes of driving, in 20 minutes – the center of St. Petersburg and in 15 minutes – traffic interchanges – the Ring Road and the West High-Speed Diameter highway.
Currently the reconstruction of Petersburg highway is carried out with the extension from two to six lanes and construction of the overpass over railways that will increase the traffic capacity of highways twice as many.

Moreover, recreational areas of citizens are located near – in 10 minutes there are the Pavlovsk Park and the State Museum and Nature Reserve Tsarskoye Selo, 25 minutes to the ski resort Tuutari Park.

“According to our estimates, when buying the plots at minimal cost, the cost loading per 1 sq. m. of the areas to be sold will not exceed 8.5 thousand rubles. Taking into consideration the degree of urban planning documentation analysis, this is a very good offer for the market of Saint Petersburg” (Dmitry Altbregin, Head of Department for Work with Private Owners).

For reference:
The project “On Tsarskoselsky Hills”
Total building area – 316.1 he.
The project stipulates the construction of residential complexes, shopping and entertainment centers, commercial objects and objects of social infrastructure.
In the project the idea of comfortable inhabitation in a modern, pollution-free and safe city district is carried out. Residential block of buildings will be provided with all necessary objects of domestic infrastructure: shops, salons and offices, cafes and restaurants.
Landscaping of the territory provides areas for rest and walks, children's playgrounds, complex planting of greenery.