350 auction ascending steps were made during the auction for privatization of federal block of shares in the Moscow Scientific and Research Centre

On 15 March at the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) biddings for the sale of a property in Dutch format 50% growth in price was reached. The biddings were held in the hall, with an auctioneer.

The biddings were held on behalf of Rosimushchestvo.
For sale was offered 100% block of shares in the JSC Moscow Scientific and Research Centre from the Forecast Program of Privatization for 2017-1019.
The biddings were held in Dutch format (descending price auction) with a minimum price as 70.45 million rubles.
A possibility to buy the asset at a minimum price attracted at the auction 9 bidders.
During the auction the participants made 350 steps to ascend the price.
So, the final price became 105.45 million rubles.
An individual became the Buyer.

The asset has been under sale since 2014, the first attempts to sell it Rosimushchestvo was undertaking by itself.

“The biddings once again showed a success of Dutch kind of auction for property sale. A potentiality to buy the asset at a minimum value attracts at the biddings a large number of participants, which, bargaining with each other, turn Dutch auction into a classic ascending price auction. As a result, at the biddings for the sale of the MSRC the price grew by 1.5 times.
A procedure of Dutch auction provides two session: a step by step drop of the price to the minimum mark, then the price increase by the bid increment”, – tells Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of the AHRF.

For the moment of sale the main activity of the Joint-Stock Company was renting of its own real estate. The Company owns a part of administrative building with an area of 1.8 thousand sq. m near Belorusskaya subway station in Moscow, in Elektricheskiy Lane, 3/10.