Qualitative street retail from Sberbank in Saint Petersburg The auction for the sale of non-residential built-in premises, where earlier the offices of Sberbank were located, was held

On 17 September the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) held the auction on the instructions of LLC “Sberbank Capital”.
During the bidding 10 lots were sold – the premises for commercial and office purposes with an area from 98 to 400 sq. m.
The objects – the former Sberbank branch offices – located in the first line of buildings in places with high passability in different districts of Moscow.

On average there were 3applications to take part in the auction.
The total price of the sale – 262.4 million rubles (the total starting price – 233.9 million rubles).
The average excess of starting price at the auction was 30%.

The most active competition was carried out for the premise with an area of 135.5 sq. m. near the subway station “Oktyabrskoye Pole”.
Address: 45, Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street, Moscow.
5 bidders took part in the auction, who during the bidding carried out 88 bid increments (to increase the starting price).
The sale price was – 90.4 million rubles (the starting price – 72.8 million rubles).

For the premises with an area of 95.7 sq. m. in the General Ermolov Street, 2, contested 4 bidders.
During the bidding the participants of the auction carried out 57 bid increments (to increase the starting price). Thereby, the sale price was 25.1 million rubles (the starting price – 19.4 million rubles).

For reference
Sberbank during several years has been selling its former branch offices throughout the country. Offices are vacated within the framework of the program for reformatting of branch network, started in 2011. It is supposed that all branches of the bank must meet certain standards on location, services provided and others.
For the period of 2013 – the first half of 2015 AHRF sold 732 objects with total area of 211,300 sq. m. and with total cost of almost 6.93 billion rubles. Mostly these are built-in premises on the first floors of residential and commercial buildings and small detached offices.