Summary of conference held on 27 January

Первый заместитель генерального директора ОАО «РАД» Константин Владимирович Раев“Umbrella of purchases” – transparent purchasing system – new opportunities for business.

On 27 January, the Auction House of the Russian Federation and the St. Petersburg Property Fund, together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, with the support of the St. Petersburg Administration Committee for the management of city property, held a conference in St. Petersburg concerning the 223rd Federal law regulating the purchase activity of individual types of legal persons.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation presented the conference members with the new service of its electronic platform – the corporate system of purchases Trade.lot-online.

This is the second event focused on companies affected by Federal Law 223.

On 13 December 2011, the AHR successfully held a conference in Moscow, bringing together companies from various regions of Russia. The conference was positively assessed by participants, who included representatives of state corporations, heads of federal state unitary enterprises, state committees for placing state orders, representatives of the Presidential Administrative Department, and open joint-stock companies with state capital.

The experience of holding the conference showed a high interest among market subjects in holding such events. The AHR created a real discussion platform which serves a useful purpose – to carry out a detailed exchange of opinions with experts and developers involved in the development and formation of the corporate system of purchases.

Краснова Ирина Геннадьевна, Начальник отдела методологии и нормативного обеспечения федеральной контрактной системы Министерства экономического развития Российской ФедерацииДемко Андрей Николаевич, начальник юридического отдела ОАО «Фонд имущества Санкт-Петербурга»

Косарев Константин Михайлович, эксперт по закупочной деятельности ОАО «РАД»

Over 220 representatives of companies and organizations interesting in organization of purchases took part in the conference on 27 January, along with suppliers of goods and services of the Northwest region.

The conference gave participants the chance to receive practical recommendations on formulating the necessary documentation, provided clarification about the procedure of organizing purchasing activity, taking into account the specifics of legislation (including in specific areas), about working with the official information resource, showed the possibilities of the corporate system of purchases, and outlined the penalties for not observing anti-monopoly legislaton.
Participants showed the greatest interest in issues concerning work on the electronic platform Trade.lot-online, rules for developing the Regulation on purchases, and also drawing up a plan of purchases, the procedure for applying Law 223, the system of corporate purchases, and the use of electronic digital signatures.

The participants noted the high level of organization of the event, and the relevance of the topics discussed during the conference.

The interest of the participants made the organizers consider holding events of this format on a regular basis.