For sale offered 21.2 ha for housing development near RC Novoorlovskiy under construction

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) by the order of YIT Saint Petersburg Company is preparing for sale 8 land plots with total area of 21.2 ha for a residential complex construction. The plots are the part of a territory, on which a major project of Novoorlovskiy Residential Complex of comfort class is being carried out.
A part of territory offered for sale located in Primorskiy District of Saint Petersburg. In the south a given territory borders on one of the largest parks of the city, Novoorlovskiy Woodland Park, in the east – on a territory of Novoorlovskiy Residential Complex of comfort class, constructed by YIT Saint Petersburg Company, in the North – on Suzdal Highway. In walking distance there are places for townspeople rest: Nizhnee Suzdal Lake, Shuvalovskiy Pit, Novoorlovskiy Woodland Park.

Address: Suzdal Highway, Saint Petersburg.

The biddings will take place on 25th of May at 12:00.
Starting price – 3,580,000,000 RUR. Cut-off price – 2,800,000,000 RUR.

Deposit amount 80,000,000 rubles.
Auction step for ascending the price – 10,000,000 rubles.
Auction step for descending the price – 60,000,000 rubles.

For the plots all urban development documentation, necessary for housing construction, is obtained (Site Planning, Border-Setting Plan, Urban Development Plan of the Land Plot) and permits for construction issued.

The territory belongs to Т3Ж2 zone – residential zone of middle-rise and high-rise blocks of flats, located outside the territory of historically existed districts in the central part of Saint Petersburg with inclusion of objects of social, cultural, municipal purposes.
    A background height of development in accordance with the Site Planning – 90 m.
    According the approved documentation on the sellable part of the territory it is possible to construct complex of buildings with an area of 222.4 thousand sq. m, including about 210.7 thousand sq. m of housing and 11.7 thousand sq. m of commercial areas.

The territory is provided with engineering infrastructure – the plots have points of connection to engineering and utility services.

Due to major transport arteries, located nearby (Vyborg Highway – 1,5 km, the Ring Road – 7 km, Western High-Speed Diameter – 12 km) a convenient way by car to all districts of St. Petersburg and its suburbs is provided. The nearest subway station – Prospekt Prosveshcheniya – is in the distance of 4 km away, Shuvalovo railway station – in 1.4 km.

Scheme of the transport development of Primorskiy and Vyborgskiy districts includes a number of decisions, providing the Complex accessibility:
• traffic of public city buses from Vyborgskiy and Primorskiy districts lengthways the boundaries of the complex along Suzdal Highway.
• According to the plan of development of St. Petersburg Subway the appearance of new stations on the “purple” subway line Shuvalovskiy Prospekt (2019–2025), Parachutnaya and Akademgorodok (after 2025 will be located within walking distance).

Architectural and urban concept of development of Novoorlovskiy Residential Complex territory designed by a bureau of Ricardo Bofill, a famous Spanish architect – Taller de Arquitectura. The complex, being constructed by YIT Saint Petersburg company, was awarded the highest reward of the “Leader of a Construction Quality – 2015” contest – Grand Prix in the nomination “The Best Project of Housing Construction”.
The concept of area development involves the construction of multi-level detached parking buildings, which will be located along the territory borders and driveways inside block of buildings, which will allow to create a buffer zone between the houses and highways, as well as to clear the yards from parked cars.
On the selling parts of the territory the construction of social infrastructure is provided.
According to project documentation all entrances to commercial premises are focused on external pedestrian zones, and do not intersected with the entrances to residential lobbies.

“This is an exclusive offer for the land market of St. Petersburg – the plot for housing construction within the limits of the city with a fully ready documentation, just deliver equipment and construct. Such objects in the market are extremely rare.
Taking into consideration the characteristics of the plot and its starting price, we are sure that this object will be interesting for many developers”, – comments Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of the AHRF.

For reference:
The YIT Saint Petersburg company still owns a territory near Novoorlovskiy Woodland Park with total area of 21. 3 ha, on which it is provided to construct 191 thousand sq. m. of housing and commercial premises. In December of 2016 the objects of the first stage of Novoorlovskiy Residential Complex (two 25-storey residential houses and multi-level parking) were put into operation. Currently, the construction of the second phase of the project (two 7-storey buildings and a parking) is under completion, as well as construction of the third stage is being carried out (7-storey building). The YIT Saint Petersburg schedules to continue a further development of this territory, bringing to market the next stages of Novoorlovskiy Residential Complex of comfort class.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (the AHRF)