Advance payment
Payment or prepayment in public procurement. - transfer of funds by the Customer to the Executor of the state (municipal) contract prior to the execution of work, rendering of services or transfer of the property.
The advance payment is an advance payment on account of forthcoming payments for delivered to the Customer goods, performed work, the services provided to them.
In case of payment of the contract of state and municipal customers, the maximum size of the advance payment is regulated by Resolutions of Executive bodies. In particular, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 22 February 2006, # 101 (the most recent version at the time of writing August 23, 2012).

Affiliates - In accordance with Art. 4 of the Law of RSFSR from 22.03.1991 N 948-1 "On competition and limitation of monopolistic activity on commodity markets" affiliated persons are individuals and legal entities, capable of exerting influence on the activity of legal and (or) physical persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

A step of auction
The auction step. Cash interval between two adjacent proposals from bidders, calculated as a percentage of the initial (maximum) price of the state contract. Error when setting the auction step may be grounds for invalidation.
A two-stage competition
A two-stage competition procedure for placing an order for complex products. A two-stage competition is held, as a rule, in the case when the customer is not able to clearly formulate technical specifications for the purchase and (or) the proposal evaluation criteria.
In the framework of the project of the law about the FCC (the first reading of the bill 68702-6) at the first stage of this procedure serves a preliminary proposal (technical proposal without price). They then discussed by the Commission and the participants of accommodation of the order, after the customer adjusts the terms of reference, criteria for evaluating and accepting final applications. Final applications are reviewed and evaluated in normal (одноэтапном) competition. Final may apply participants have submitted preliminary bids and participants have submitted preliminary applications may waive the submission of the final applications.

Auction sale or purchase of goods, works, services, which is made according to the rules set in advance. All auctions share is the adversarial principle.
Назначенные на определенную дату торги, на которых заинтересованные покупатели соревнуются в предлагаемой цене на продаваемый товар.  Продажная цена товара не определяется заранее, однако некоторые продавцы могут устанавливать минимальную ставку или минимальную цену лота. Все аукционы  РАД являются аукционами с нефиксированной ценой. Это значит, что на них нет ни назначаемой продавцом минимальной цены лота, ни нижнего предела ставок, а товар продается заявителю максимальной ставки в конце дня торгов.
Auctioneer (from lat. auctio - multiplication - in the conventional sense, the person conducting the auction. In relation to state and municipal procurement functions of the auctioneer for the customer were relevant at the moment when the simple (non-electronic) auctions was stipulated by Federal law of 21.07.2005 №94-FZ.