Land plot of area 20 hectares for construction of low-temperature storehouses

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185 000 000 ₽
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Akimova Yulia


All the required urban development documentation for storehouses to keep agricultural products and premises to hold agricultural machinery has been obtained.

Object location and surroundings:

Village Novolisino 5 km away is the nearest settlement.

The distance from St .Petersburg is 23 km, from the ring highway (KAD) – 24 km, from federal highway M-10 “Moscow-Saint-Petersburg” – 5 km.
In perspective tall highway M-10 “Moscow-Saint-Petersburg” (SPAD) will be constructed very close to the plot.
Railway station “Tosno” is 7 km away.

Transport accessibility:
The plot is excellently accessible.
It’s possible to get to St. Petersburg KAD junction along M-10 highway by car for 30 minutes.

The plot is an area free of buildings and structures.
Adjacent territories are also unbuilt and meant for agricultural use.

Limitations of construction activity in accordance with the urban development documentation approved:
Decision of the Administration of Tosno urban settlement No. 307 dated 25.07.2013 approved a development plan for the land plot concerning construction of low-temperature storehouses to keep agricultural products and premises to hold agricultural machinery.
This plan stipulates construction of the storehouses in four stages.
The land plot may be developed by 30% maximum.

Cadastral number (reference number)



Electric power supply.
Specification for electric supply of 150 kVA permitted load is received. It’s possible to agree construction of a transforming station at the plot and to get power up to 2 MW.

Category of land

agricultural lands

Investment Highlights

- The plot is completely prepared to start designing and construction of the objects, the plot development plan is approved and received.
- The plot is nearby Saint-Petersburg and well accessible by transport.
- Because of a complicated city development situation in Saint-Petersburg Leningrad region land plots close to the city are getting particularly attractive due to a clear scheme of realizing projects in the region.
- The plot area, location and shape enable to implement a modern storage (logistics) complex project