Land plot for construction of a commercial oblect

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240 000 000 ₽
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Smirnova Vera


Offered for sale land plot in Moscowsky District as part of a quarter of complex redevelopment of agricultural and industrial areas, bounded by Pulkovo Highway, Dunaysky Ave, Moscow highway and Southern Semicircle of the October Railroad. These territories are actively built up by the largest players in the real estate market. Prestige of Moscowsky District, excellent transportation accessibility and high prices for housing in this location promote the rapid development of the surrounding areas.

Transport accessibility
The plot is located near the Pulkovo highway at a distance of 1 km from the Ring Road junction. On the North there is Dunaysky Avenue, running out in the West on Western High-Speed Diameter.
The nearest metro station "Moskovskaya" is located at a distance of 3.3 km.
In a 5-minute transport accessibility is platform "Airport" of Baltic- Warsaw direction of the October Railroad. Along Pulkovo highway runs many routes of public transport - buses and taxis.
Currently, the city authorities discuss options for connection of a new terminal of "Pulkovo" airport with metro stations. For the World Football Cup in 2018 along Pulkovo highway a light rail tram line linking the airport with metro stations of "Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya" metro line will be built along Polkovo highway. According to the concept light rail tram line from Pulkovo airport to metro station "Kupchino" is planning to be built in two steps: from Pulkovo to metro station "Zvezdnaya" and then - from "Zvezdnaya" to "Kupchino".
It is also planned to build a high-speed "Aeroexpress" train line up to metro station "Baltiyskaya". The branch will have to pass through undeveloped lands, including area along Pulkovo highway, belonging to the City.
All these measures will significantly improve the public transport accessibility of the area.

The object is surrounded by rapidly developing residential and social and business areas.
Along the northern border of the plot the “Mirlad Development” company is engaged in complex development of territories of the former agricultural enterprise "Leto". The "Triumph Park" project includes the construction 865 thousand sq. m of housing, schools, kindergartens, social, business and shopping and entertainment centers.
In the South-West Finnish company Technopolis constructed 2 buildings of business center "Technopolis Pulkovo". The total area of the operating building of the first phase is 23,000 sq. m, of the second stage - 22 000 sq. m.
To the West of the plot along Pulkovo highway TCDS company builds 25-storey building of residential complex "Pulkovo 1, 2, 3". LenSpetsSMU company has already put into operation residential complex "Leto" in the same location.
Territory to the South of the object is also gradually being developed for housing construction.
Social and business development in the surroundings of the object is concentrated to the left of Pulkovo highway. Here is the largest trade corridor, formed by shopping malls and hypermarkets "Castorama", "OK", "Obi", "Leto", "METRO", "Lenta", "Pulkovo III» and "Masshtab".
To the right of Pulkovo highway there are galleries of dealerships auto centers "Evrosib", "RRT-Motors", "Autobiography", "Euro- motors".

Redevelopment of the area
Currently large part of areas of agricultural enterprise "Leto" were redeveloped. On these areas TCDS, LenSpetsSMU and Mirlad Development companies carry out their projects of housing construction.
In the nearest future the territory of "Samson" enterprise will be under redevelopment, which will include the renovation of historic buildings for modern offices, scientific and research centers and new construction of residential, hotel and shopping and entertainment centers. In the central part of the territory it is supposed to locate large residential district that combines a multi-storey residential and social buildings. Also in the residential complex there will be two schools, three kindergartens, clinics, sports complex and object of culture and arts. Total for these purposes 14.5 he are allocated.
In the South of the territory 10 he allocated for the placement of the shopping center "Apraxin Dvor". Area of the new wholesale market will be about 100 thousand sq. m. The construction of the object will take about 4 years. In the nearest future the investor will begin to develop the concept of future development and preparation of the plot.

Planned development
In accordance with the Project of the Area Planning the part of the plot is reserved for construction of multipurpose center with a total area of 35 000 sq. m.
As in accordance with Rules of Land Use and Development the plot belongs to the zone T3ZH2, the ity planning regulations permit the placement of a hotel (or apart-hotel) as conditionally permitted type of use.
Regulations also required that the area of the plot the placement of a hotel (or apart-hotel) should not exceed 50 percent of the area the initial plot.
The whole land plot area 10,122 sq. m, so the area for the placement of the hotel will be 5,061 sq. m. Remaining area can be used for other type of object. With a minimum percentage of the development - 30%, the built-up area will be 1,500 sq. m. With the maximum height of the object of 75 m and with ceiling height of 3.5 m there will be a building of 21 floors and with a total area of 31,000 sq. m, not including underground parking and other objects permitted to be placed on this plot.

Other objects permitted to be placed on the plot:
- Objects of consumer services (including baths) - the total area is not regulated;
- Retail objects - up to 1,500 sq. m;
- Catering objects - up to 1,500 sq. m;
- Sports and health centers, gyms, swimming pools - the total area is not regulated;
- Objects of insurance - up to 1,500 sq. m.

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