The uniqueness of the offer:

In 2009, the MERALstudio Architectural Bureau under the guidance of Professor Evgeny Vadimovich Polyantsev, a candidate of architecture, and the guest architect and restorer Lidia Alekseevna Shitova, an associate professor of the Department of Reconstruction and Restoration in Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute, began the restoration of the estate. After a thorough examination of the building, the scientific restoration was carried out in accordance with international standards of restoration of structures of this class.

In the summer of 2013, the renowned American designer Stef-Albert Bothma, owner of the Stef-Albert Bothma Design Bureau LLC, started designing the interiors of the main house of Nikolskoe Estate.

The interior design studio Stef-Albert Studios has been working since 1999. Stef-Albert Botma, the founder of the studio, was educated in South Africa, the UK and the USA. His projects cover countries such as the USA:

  • The USA (New York; Chicago; San Francisco; Santa Barbara; Beverly Hills; Palm Springs; Montecito; Santa Fe Ranch; Seattle; Palm Beach, Florida; Greenwich, Connecticut; Westport, Connecticut), Canada, European countries, Great Britain, Singapore, South Africa, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Among the studio's works are interiors of modern private houses, historical residences, yachts and private planes all over the world. Among the studio's clients are heads of state, show business stars, world business elite: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Neil Simpson, Jewel, Victoria Principal, Simon Cowell, Michael Caine and Gloria Steinem.
  • Steph-Albert in his approach to design skillfully combines the historical context with the latest technology and comfort of the twenty-first century, collaborating with the best craftsmen.

The discreet artistic solution does not pretend to «recreate» historical interiors, but emphasizes the tranquil classic beauty of the house. According to the designer's idea, minimalistic interior stylistics will be a neutral background for the perception of views opening up to the estate park, the valley of the river Nara and the distance beyond the horizon.

The project of reconstruction and restoration of the estate was awarded the Diploma of the XIX International Festival «Architecture 2011».

The special delight of execution:

  • All the elements of the window decoration of Nikolskoye estate were made by a specialized company in France, after which a team of specialists came to Russia for their expert installation under the supervision of Stef Albert and his team.
  • A very important feature of the estate is the doorways and doors designed by Steph Albert and manufactured by Lualdi Porte in Milan, Italy. The exclusivity of these doors and doorways lies in the special finish and hidden hinges. Made of new oak wood, they counterbalance products made of restored Russian oak wood used for various specially designed elements, such as the entrance table and coffee table.
  • A team of experts from Italy has installed doorways and doors.
  • The kitchen is made by Allmilmo in Germany, with equipment imported from Europe.
  • Exquisite Egyptian cotton bedding was imported from the United States.
  • A specialized lighting plan is designed to illuminate the estate in accordance with the latest technology.


Characteristic of the building:

The planning system of the house was based on the principles of palladian architecture. The central axis of the house on the ground floor passes through a round front entrance hall, crosses the corridor and leads to the hall with access to the park to the river. On both sides symmetrical rooms with equal number of windows are located from the central halls.

In the process of piercing one of the walls of the staircase hall one of the forged rods was found and completely preserved, thanks to which the house did not cause any seepage and cracks for 250 years of its history.

The plot of land and the main house have been in private ownership since 2007.

Land category: settlement lands.

Foundation: monolithic.

Bearing walls and partitions: brick.

The floors between the floors: monolithic.

Roof: metal.

Windows: triple glazing, manufacturer Firm Temp-K2 LLC, Russia.

Heating: gas and diesel, Buderus boilers, Germany.

Power supply: 200 kW generator.

Ventilation system: forced.

Permitted use: for placement of facilities (territories) recreational purposes.

Borehole: 20 m. deep.

Communication: local dedicated Internet line; stable coverage of mobile operators.

Description of the premises:

The house is equipped with modern engineering and is functionally zoned:

two living rooms, kitchen, dining room, study, home theater, six bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Adjacent area:

The Lord's House, built on the high bank of the Nara River, was facing the front facade to the central lime alley of the old regular garden. From the opposite facade there was a wide view of the terrace park, the river valley and the woods. The farmyard with its buildings was located in the northern part of the estate.

Park Restoration Ltd. is a landscape-engineering company specializing in the design of adaptation of historical and natural landscapes, as well as the organization of new modern spaces.

Among the implemented projects of the company:

  • Restoration of the park of the residence of the President of the Russian Federation «Meyendorf»,
  • Italian garden in the museum-estate «Kuskovo»,
  • Improvement of the territory of Vorontsovsky Park
  • Improvement of Sokolniki Park and Convention Centre territory
  • Borodino field (2012),
  • Restoration of the Imperial Palace Garden in the village of Borodino (2012-2014),
  • Restoration of the Domotkanovo Estate Garden (V. Serov Museum) - 2012-2014,
  • Project of restoration and adaptation of the Palace, Governor's and Public Gardens in Tver (2012),
  • Project of restoration and adaptation of the estate «Stepanovskoe-Volosovo» in Zubtsovsky district of Tver region (2011-2013);
  • Project for the restoration and adaptation of the Yaropolets Chernyshev Estate Park (2013),
  • Restoration of a rosary in Gorky Park (2013);
  • Project Pushkinskaya embankment in the park. Bitter (2013);
  • The project of improvement and landscaping of the business quarter «Krasnaya Rosa» (2013-2014);
  • Project of restoration and adaptation of the central part of the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum-Estate (2014);
  • Project Concept for the Restoration and Adaptation of Neskuchniy Garden (2014).


Kaluzhskoe Shosse passes by the estate, which is easily accessible to large settlements - Podolsk (48 km.) and Kaluga (98 km.). Moscow is 65 km. away. Balabanova railway station is located 20 km. away, Yermolino airport is located 30 km. away.

Address: 9, Nikolskoe, Zhukovsky Rayon, Kaluzhskaya Oblast. 


Object 1: Main building, purpose: non-residential building, 3-storey, total area of 636 sq.m., inventary nimber: 678, lit. A, A1, the address of the object: 9 bldg 1, Nikolskoe, Zhukovsky Rayon, Kaluzhskaya Oblast, cadastral number: 40:07:033901:66, owned by the Seller on the right of ownership, entry on the state registration of ownership from September 6, 2007 No. 40-40-07/033/2007-031.

Object 2: Building, purpose: non-residential building, 1-storey, total area of 279,8 sq.m., address of the object: 9 bldg 2, Nikolskoe, Zhukovsky Rayon, Kaluzhskaya Oblast, cadastral number: 40:07:034001:5, owned by the Seller on the right of ownership, entry on the state registration of ownership from August 8, 2014 No. 40-40-07/014/2014-857.

Object 3: Land plot (cadastral number: 40:07:03 40 01:0003), area of 108,300 sq.m., category of lands: lands of settlements, purpose: for recreational purposes, located at the address: 9, Nikolskoe, Zhukovsky Rayon, Kaluzhskaya Oblast, belonging to the Seller on the right of ownership, record on the state registration of ownership from September 6, 2007 No. 40-40-07/033/2007-029.

Encumbrances (restrictions) Objects: not registered.