Address: at the intersection of Engelsa Avenue and Ring Road, Vsevolozhskiy District, Leningrad Region
Trade and industrial park 
Total area: 8.61 ha.
The area of plots: from 0.3 ha.
The district limited by the Ring Road, Engelsa Avenue, 9 Verkhniy Lane. 
The object has a direct new exit from the Ring Road (built in the summer of 2019).
Category of lands: lands of settlements.
Zone according to the General Plan of Bugrovskiy Rural Settlement: public and business zone.
Zone in accordance with the Rules of Land Use and Development: zone for business, public, administrative, scientific and commercial purposes (ОД-1).
Rules for Land Use and Development of the Bugrovskoye Rural Settlement MO were approved on 29.07.2019 (Order No. 49) (Poroshkino village). The General Plan of the 'Bugrovskoye Rural Settlement' Municipal Entity was approved on 01.02.2019 (Resolution No. 25 of the Government of the Leningrad Region).
Property and legal status: private property.
Engineering infrastructure: engineering networks for electric power supply, gas supply, water supply and sewerage are located at the border of land plots.
Specifications for connection of capital construction objects to gas distribution networks in the amount of 1,340 cub.m. per hour, power supply - 3 MW.
Work is in progress to obtain specifications for water supply and water disposal.
The territory for the new construction is located in the north of St. Petersburg in close proximity to the Ring Road interchange with Engelsa Avenue and exit to Novopriozerskoye Highway (federal road A-121 Sortavala). 
The territory is located in the formed trade and production zone Parnas, on the first line of the ring road, in the zone of active transport logistics. 
The land plots are intended for construction of trade objects, wholesale and distribution centers, production management objects, office buildings, petrol stations, logistic complexes. 
On the territory of the trade and industrial park can be placed objects that combine several functions: production, retail, distribution center, center for issuing orders, warehouse, office, showroom, exhibition space.
Nearest surroundings: super regional MEGA Parnas shopping center (IKEA development project), TOYOTA dealer center and the largest housing construction project in St. Petersburg Severnaya Dolina.     
For purchase are offered:
1. Land plot with the area of 35,808 sq.m. for hypermarket placement.
2. Land plot with an area of 3,845 sq.m. for a gas station.
3. Land plot with the adrea of 6,221 sq.m. for the construction of retail, manufacturing and logistics facilities.
4. Land plot with the area of 6,221 sq.m. for construction of retail, production and logistics facilities.
5. Land plot with the area of 6,259 sq.m. for construction of retail, production and logistics facilities.
6. Land plot with the area of 6,221 sq.m. for business center construction.
7. Land plot with the area of 7,716 sq.m. for placing a trade object.
8. Land plot with the area of 86,131 sq.m. for construction of trade objects, production and logistics complexes.