Sale of the land massif near Moscow Ring Road in the south of Moscow under construction of commercial objects

Starting price
900 000 000 ₽
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Valek Anton


The Auction House of the Russian Federation JSC puts up for sale a land plot for the construction of commercial facilities, undeveloped territory directly adjacent to the Moscow Ring Road (29th km.) in the south of Moscow.
The massif under consideration is an undeveloped area consisting of six adjacent land plots with common borders.
The total area of land plots is 141,400 sq.m. (14.14 ha), including:
  • Plot 1. Area: 15,000 sq.m. Cadastral number 50:21:0030210:7082.
  • Plot 2. Area: 61,039 sq.m. Cadastral number 50:21:0030210:7083.
  • Plot 3. Area: 35,309 sq.m. Cadastral number 50:21:0030210:7084.
  • Plot 4. area: 10,000 sq.m. Cadastral number 50:21:0030210:7085.
  • Plot 5. Area: 10,000 sq.m. Cadastral number 50:21:0030210:7086.
  • Plot 6. Area: 10,052 sq.m. Cadastral number 50:21:0030210:6834.
Rights to land plot: private property.
The land plot is free from development and has never been used for agricultural production.
Category of lands: lands of agricultural purpose.
Type of permitted use: for agricultural production.
If the category of land and the type of permitted use are retained: ideal for the construction of a logistics complex, warehouse terminal, wholesale and retail food center.
If the category of land and the type of permitted use are  changed: ideal location for retail park, multifunctional shopping center, business park, car dealerships and dealerships, etc.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • the investment attractiveness is due to the fact that;
  • the prospects for the construction of a logistics distribution object near the federal highway M4 Don, the main road for the delivery of goods by road from the south-eastern and southern regions of Russia;
  • favourable location of the land massif directly on the Moscow Ring Road (29th km.);
  • availability of all communications near the massif;
  • proximity of densely populated areas of Biryulevo Zapadnoye and Biryulevo Vostochnoye;
  • lack of concentration of warehouses and logistics centers, food terminals and retail parks in this location;
  • the adjacent borders of the massif's plots allow using them as a single territory.

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