date of realization:
15-03-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
Торги завершены

Sale of the non-residential rooms, located at the address: Transportnaya Ulitsa, 3, Borisoglebskiy Settlement, Yaroslavl Region

Cut-off price
6 252 951 ₽
Starting price
8 337 267 ₽
Step upwards
52 107.5 ₽
Step downwards
260 539.5 ₽
The deposit amount
800 000 ₽
Myakutina Victoria
+7 (980) 744-15-25


Jointly sale at the auction located at the address: Transportnaya Ulitsa, 3, Borisoglebskiy Settlement, Yaroslavl Region: 
  • non-residential rooms of 1st floor No. 9-13, 19 with the total area of 41.1 sq.m., cadastral number: 76:02:130101:3375;
  • non-residential rooms of 2nd floor No. 1-25 (entire floor) with the total area of 443.3 sq.m., cadastral number: 76:02:130101:3376;
  • 906/2465 shares in the right on non-residential rooms, corresponding to rooms: of the 1st floor No. 1-3, 20-22, a part of the room 33. The total area of the sale share is 90.6 sq.m. out the total area of 246.5 of the object, with the cadastral number 76:02:130101:3374.
Simultaneously with the ownership of the rooms, the purchaser receives the right to lease the relevant part of the land plot, related to the building, under the lease contract No. 1069/э/99, dated 17.08.2007, concluded by the Seller with the Administration of Borisoglebskiy municipal district of the Yaroslavl Region for the period from 17.08.2007 to 16.08.2056.
No restrictions (encumbrances) on the right are registered for all the objects, at that a part of the rooms of the 2nd floor with the total area of 92.2 sq.m. is leased out to two tenants under short-term contracts.
The height of the ceilings is 2.9 m., the building has all necessary engineering systems (central) in good condition. Exterior and interior (standard office) finishing is in good condition.
Significant conditions of sale:
  • within 280 days after conclusion of the transaction, the Bank will carry out the redesign of the 1st floor rooms at its expense and isolate the sold areas;
  • payment under the transaction - in 2 stages: 20% - immediately, the rest - after completion of redesign, the act of transfer - after the full calculation, then - the state registration of the transaction;
  • within 15 working days after the transaction, the Purchaser undertakes to execute at its own expense the documents to amend the EGRN on division of rooms for which the share in the right was acquired into 2 objects of cadastral accounting with whole shares in the rights to them.
If the actual area of rooms, the rights to which have been transferred under the transaction, is changed after the redesign, no recalculation of their cost is made.
Location and transport accessibility
The rooms are located in a 2-storey brick building (1996 year of construction) in the center of Borisoglebskiy settlement in Yaroslavl region. The building density is low, low-rise residential buildings with accompanying infrastructure are located nearby. The neighboring building is occupied by the district administration and the ancient Boris and Gleb Monastery across the street. At a distance of about 200 m. - bus station «Borisoglebskiy», 120 m. - public transport stop.
The building is located on the first line of Transportnaya ulitsa, which is quite active for this settlement by road and pedestrian traffic, with a few distance directly from the carriageway, in front of the facade there is an opportunity to organize convenient access of vehicles on the asphalt concrete pavement of satisfactory condition.
Investment attractiveness factors:
  • advantageous location, high transport and pedestrian accessibility;
  • the possibility of using free space for various activities as a whole and in parts;
  • availability of valid lease agreements for part of the area with reliable tenants.