AHRF JSC puts up for sale a property office and folding complex with a total useful area of 10,191.9 sq.m., located at: 15, Silikatnaya Street, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, in the composition:
- Warehouse buildings with the total area of 8,296.10 sq.m, 3 floors:
ceiling height: 5.5 m., floor: concrete, load: 2.5 tons/sq.m., column pitch: 6 m. x 9 m., gates: 4.
Presence of a ramp for unloading 15 eurofur. Pick up at the ramp. There are 2 freight elevators with a capacity of 5 tons.
- An administrative building with a total area: 1,895.80 sq.m.
- Warm warehouse: 233.6 sq.m.
- Garage-workshop 88.90 sq.m.
- Total area of 4 land plots: 7,440 sq.m., including: property - 5,962 sq.m., rent - 1,478 sq.m.
- Category of lands - lands of settlements,
- Permitted use - for placement of trade and warehouse base.

Location and environment
The property complex is located in the industrial cluster of Mytishchi urban district of Moscow Region. The main environment is industrial, administrative and commercial development. Densely populated quarters of comfortable modern multi-storey residential development are located in close proximity to the property complex.

Transport accessibility
Nearest highway: Olimpiyskiy Prospekt.
3 km. to Yaroslavskoe highway, 7 km. from Moscow Ring Road, 19 km. from TTK, 22 km. from the Garden Ring, 25 km. from the Kremlin. 34 km. to Sheremetyevo airport, 69 km. to Domodedovo airport.

Investment attractiveness factors
1. Warehousing facilities in Mytishchi are in steady demand: the property complex is filled with tenants by 90%.
2. At current operating income and expenses, rental rates and indexing coefficients, financing of modernization and overhaul of the warehouse complex - 6-year payback forecast of the property complex. With professional management and increased efficiency, optimization of rates and tenant pools, the payback period can be reduced.
3. The property complex belongs to the market segment with the concept of small warehouses Light Industrial. Most of the existing tenants use both office and storage space = additional convenience and comfort.
4. According to experts' forecasts (SKLADMAN USG the segment of the Light Industrial warehouse services market is a quarter of the warehouse market with the prospect of rapid growth and maximum demand for
5. Predominant development: logistics terminal, food and industrial distribution center, other production and commercial activities.
6. Possibility of freight turnover using railways.
7. Excellent transport and walking accessibility of the property complex will allow employees and customers to use their time optimally and efficiently.
8. The coefficient (density) of development allows for the possibility of developing the land plot and property complex.

Photos of the property complex