date of realization:
18-06-2020 at 12:00
Application deadline:
15-06-2020 at 18:00
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
Торги через 71 день


The Auction House of the Russian Federation JSC offers for sale with a single lot a property complex: 32 real estate objects under redevelopment. The complex of 27 buildings with a total area of 4,211.8 sq.m., is located on a fenced area of 62,909 sq.m., 2 buildings on a land plot of 8,830 sq.m. and a land plot of 3,558 sq.m. of sewage treatment plants.
Object of sale is land plots and buildings located on them (hereinafter - the Object)
1. Land plot. Area: 62,909 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:336 (hereinafter - Land plot 1).
2. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 37.5 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:406 (Building 1).
3. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 62.8 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:410 (Building 2).
4. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 2. Total area: 120.2 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:407 (Building 3).
5. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 2. Total area: 47.6 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:409 (Building 4).
6. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 61.6 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:434 (Building 5).
7. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 370.2 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:431 (Building 6).
8. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 59.7 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:436 (Building 7).
9. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 37.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:432 (Building 8).
10. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 37.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:433 (Building 9).
11. Non-residential building. Number of storeys: 1. Total area: 42.5 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:435 (Building 10).
12. Boiler room building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 113.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:621 (Building 11).
13. Sanitary block building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 196.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:620 (Building 12).
14. Dining room building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 1,430.3 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:638 (Building 13).
15. Transformer substation building. Lit. С. Total area: 39.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:637 (Building 14).
16. Food warehouse building. Floor: 1st. Totalrea: 244.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:623 (Building 15).
17. Turbine room building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 119 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:558 (Building 16). 
18. Registration office building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 77.1 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:619 (Building 17). 
19. Game building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 77.1 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:625 (hereinafter - Building 18).
20. Building corps No. 1. Floor: 1st. Total area: 119.1 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:639 (Building 19).
21. Building corps No. 2. Floor: 1st. Total area: 120.2 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:624 (Building 20).
22. Medical station building. Floor: 1st. Total area: 38.60 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:490 (Building 21).
23. Building corps No. 26. Floor: 2nd. Total area: 238.4 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:491 (Building 22).
24. Building (sleeping corps No. 2). Floor: 1st. Total area: 114.6 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:555 (Building 23).
25. Building (sleeping corps No. 25). Floor: 1st. Total area: 114.6 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:556 (Building 24).
26. Building (sleeping corps No. 24). Floor: 1st. Total area: 114.8 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:554 (Building 25).
27. Building (sleeping corps No. 23). Floor: 1st. Total area: 114.6 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:569 (Building 26).
28. Non-residential building. Floor: 2nd. Total area: 62.9 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:382 (Building 27).
Building 1 - Building 27 are located within Land plot 1.
29. Non-residential building. Asphalt coating. Total area: 21,759 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:383 (Building 1). Located within the Land plot 1.
30. Land plot. Area: 3,558 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:853. Category of lands: lands of settlements. Type of permitted use: for sewage treatment plant operation (hereinafter - Land plot 2).
Land plots 1 and 2, buildings and structures owned by the legal entity. 
31. Non-residential construction (bank protection of beach facilities). Total area: 3,747.1 sq.m. Degree of readiness is 70%. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:765 (in the ownership of the legal entity). It is located within the limits of the land plot with the area of 8,830 sq.m. Cadastral number: 23:33:0110001:845. Category of lands: lands of settlements. Type of permitted use: rest (recreation). Land plot in federal ownership, the right to lease under a land plot lease agreement (ДАЗУ) until 11.02.2022.
General characteristics
Existing restrictions (encumbrances) of the right: not registered.
The territory is fully fenced and landscaped, has lighting. Combined pedestrian and transport checkpoint, round-the-clock security of emergency.
Turbaza Volna does not bring significant income, currently used as a departmental recreation center and receives for unorganized tourists, there is a tent camp.
Location, environment
The object is located off the Black Sea coast on the southern slope of the Main Caucasian Ridge, in the village of Agoi, Tuapse District, Krasnodar Region, 5 km. northwest of the city of Tuapse and 101 km. south of the city of Krasnodar. The village is part of the Nebug Village Municipal Entity, the administrative center of the Nebug Village is 2 km. away. 
Immediate surroundings: buildings of hotels, boarding houses and rest houses, trade and catering enterprises, private sector. On the territory of the village, in the river valley, there is a military airfield Agoi directly adjoining the sea. At present, it is a special center for the survival and rehabilitation of flight personnel. 
Natural and climatic features
Agai means settlement in the heart of the mountains. Once upon a time there were settlements of Circassians on the place of settlement, but after the Caucasian war the area was deserted. And only 100 years ago a settlement appeared again in the river valley.
Resort settlement Agoi is located on the Black Sea coast, in the valley of the river of the same name, rich in deposits of blue clay. Within the village, its right tributaries - the Islamova Slit, the Obshchestvennaya Slit and the Kovaleva Slit are flow into the Agoi River; on the left, the rivers Chapluk the First and Chapluk the Second flow into the Agoi River.
To the south-east of the village is the Agoi Pass, separating the Agoi from the town of Tuapse. It also closes the Agoi from the northern and northeastern winds, mainly dominated by air masses coming from the Black Sea. This is where the Russian subtropics begin. The transition from temperate to subtropical climate is determined by the air masses blowing from the Black Sea.
Average annual air temperature is about +13.5 °С, average temperatures in July are about +23 °С, in January is about +5 °С. There are about 200 sunny days in a year. Average annual precipitation is ≈1,200 millimeters per year, with the majority of precipitation in the winter period.
The beach in the village of Agoi consists of well rolled fine pebbles and sand. The beach strip is 1 km. long and varies in width from five to 40 m. The sea bottom of the coast is flat, without pits, ledges and large stones. Thanks to the good water exchange, the stones can be seen at a depth of three meters. The bathing season in the emerald waters of the Black Sea opens at the end of May and lasts until the first numbers of October. 
Between Cape Kadosh and the village of Agoi, 4 km. northwest of the town of Tuapse, there is the Kiselev Rock with its smooth, 43-meter-high steep walls, which was named after the artist A.A. Kiselev. This is where the famous scene from the film The Diamond Hand was shot.
The terrain is mainly hilly and mountainous, there are alpine meadows. In the seaside part and at the mouth of the river Agoi, the fluctuations in altitude are insignificant. The average height of the village is 15 meters. Absolute values reach heights of up to 250 meters. The mountains are covered with dense forest, dominated by pitsundskiye pines and larch, beech and chestnut. In total, there are 30 species of trees and shrubs, as well as 7 species of lianas. In the centre of the village of Agoi grows an old oak Giant, which is approximately 700 years old.
Opportunities for health, entertainment and cultural recreation
Neighboring village Nebug, to which 5-7 minutes by taxi or 3 bus stops is recreation and entertainment center of Tuapse region. It is the first in Russia and the largest on the Black Sea coast water park Dolphin, dolphinarium Nebug, the most modern and comfortable on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region resort complex Molniya Yamal, year-round ice palace, equipped with an embankment, many cafes, clubs and restaurants.
Among the historical objects in demand among holidaymakers are dolmens of the Bronze Age, mineral springs and waterfalls on mountain rivers, some reaching a height of 20 meters, the Wolf Rocks in the village of Agoi-Shapsug. At the top of the Agoi pereval is a monument to soldiers of the Taman army. From it there is a concrete path to the observation deck, which is located in a chestnut forest, it offers a stunning and delightful view at any time of year, the picturesque sea panorama of coastal mountains and the valley of the Agoi River.
In the sanatoriums, located in walking distance from the base Volna, treat diseases of the respiratory system, blood circulation, musculoskeletal, nervous, genitourinary system, gynecology. Health-improving factors of the area where the Wave base is located are the Mediterranean climate, sea water and evaporation of coniferous forests.
The territory of the camp is literally drowned in the greenery that brings freshness and coolness even in July heat. The base is only 20 meters from the coastline - the cleanest sea and its own shallow healing beach with many different attractions: boat trips, catamarans, banana and parachute rides, jet ski, water skiing, playground, cafe, bar, disco bar. Turbaza Volna was not developed by the owners to the level of a modern resort and remained at the stage of retro-recreation. As there is no large-scale entertainment at the level of Nebuga and Sochi, the place is not very promoted, but there is silence, sea and sun. It is very calm and cozy, the environment is best suited for a measured family rest and relaxation with children.
The locals and most visitors agree: everyone who has visited Agoya once dreams of coming here again.
Transport accessibility
Coordinates for navigators of Volna tourist base 44.142477, 39.021543 Yandex.Maps.
Federal highway A-147 Tuapse - Novorossiysk runs through Agoi. This is part of the European E97 motorway route connecting Kherson (Ukraine) and Ashkale (Turkey).
From Agoya to the center of Tuapse, railway station and seaport 10 km., 15 minutes by car through the pass on a good road, driving on it is a pleasure. All the way from Tuapse to Agoya on both sides of the road you will be accompanied by majestic mountains of the Caucasus, which you unwittingly begin to be distracted when driving.
The cost of Agoi - Tuapse taxi is 250 rub. on average.
From the tourist base 4 min. walk to the nearest Aeroport public transport stop. There stop buses 162A, 166, 169, 190, to the center of Tuapse travel time of 20 minutes.
Prospects for the development of the road network
Rosavtodor has long ago developed and presented to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation several variants of the concept of a new Dzhubga - Sochi highway, which provides for the construction of a new four-lane (two lanes each way) high-speed elevated highway, almost entirely consisting of bridges and tunnels, bypassing settlements on the site of the current serpentine.
The existing road from Dzhubga, which connects the European part of Russia with the Sochi resort agglomeration, is a non-alternative road artery and a strategic transport infrastructure object - it is seriously overloaded. However, the Russian Government does not consider it expedient to build a new high-speed road in the near future, no financing has been allocated for its implementation. Based on their preliminary technical and financial estimates, the most probable is the implementation of the Dzhubga-Tuapse project stage in the next decade, which will maximize the transport accessibility of the region.
Engineering communications and energy capacity
All communications are central. 
1. Electric power:
  • Object category - III.
  • Category according to power supply scheme - III.
  • Allowed power - 414.5 kW.
  • Main power supply source - ТП-Н106 РУ - 0.4 kV 1, 2 bus sections (Transformers T-1 and T-2, 10 kV, 400 kVA each, belong to Kubanenergo).
  • Reserve power supply source - absent.
2. Water consumption and sewage:
Steel transit water pipeline for domestic drinking water Du-250 mm runs through the territory of the tourist base Volna. 
Three cold water inlets exist and are in working condition from this pipeline:
  • the first input Ду-50, the meter Ду-32 is installed. This input supplies drinking water (house block, dining room, house buildings, garage, fire water supply);
  • the second input Ду-50, meter Ду-32 is installed. This input supplies drinking water to the room and the fire water supply system;
  • the third cold water inlet Ду-20, meter Ду-15 is installed. This input provided drinking and domestic water to the tent camp (temporarily not used).
There are no limits on cold water consumption.
Payment for the consumed cold water is made on the basis of the meter operation upon the fact of the consumed water. 
Water is discharged to the city sewage pumping station (payment upon payment).
3. Gas:
The territory is crossed by the Ду-150 transit network gas pipeline.
From this transit gas pipeline there is a tie-in for gas supply to the boiler house, which is currently shut down, as there is no boiler house.
4. Heat consumption:
Heating of working and auxiliary premises during off-season period is carried out with the help of electric devices.
5. Communication and security:
The main video surveillance system TantosDVR7216 (hybrid) with 16 cameras. Additional system HIWatchDS-T200 (digital) for 8 cameras.    
Security alarm system with an alarm button and output to the remote control of VMV LLC (Neva Holding).
City telephone communication - 5 numbers.
There is a tower with base stations - mobile communication repeaters (antenna-feeder devices).
Firefighting equipment: there is a container, fire boxes with sleeves and tips and shields with tools. The external fire pipeline is in need of repair.
Prospects for the development of the territory
According to the owner's order the project documentation Volna, beach zone was developed, containing including shore protection with a berth for yachts. The project documentation has passed the state ecological expertise and is approved by Rosprirodnadzor on Krasnodar territory and Rosrybolovstvo of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.
According to the General Plan of the city of Tuapse, the territory of the recreation center Volna belongs to the resort areas outside the city limits.
According to the territorial planning documents of the Nebug rural settlement, the territory of the recreation center Volna belongs to the resort areas (zones of resort areas).
Given the unique features of the object, including the location and the correct form of the main land plot, as well as a spacious facade, stretched along the highway and the beach, the most promising option for the development of the object - redevelopment for mid-storey residential development, construction of a hotel and recreation or apartment complex with hotel infrastructure.
Investment attractiveness
Changes to urban planning documents will require considerable effort and resources. At the same time, the commercial success of creating a residential complex on the territory of the tourist base Volna is ensured by the factors:
  • throughout the coast from Dzhubga to Sochi there are no similar land plots for complex residential development. The Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Region attracts people from different regions of Russia;
  • the village of Agoi is remote from industrial enterprises and ports that pollute the environment, so the coastline in the area of the Volna recreation center is benchmark clean;
  • its own pebble beach, azure transparent sea, beautiful mountain and sea landscapes;
  • the uniqueness of the village of Agoi and its surroundings: an area with a subtropical climate on the Russian Black Sea coast with a coastal strip without significant differences in altitude, where there is no railroad along the coast;
  • availability of all engineering and transport infrastructure to the maximum extent possible contribute to the intensive development of the object. The appearance of a new expressway in the future, in addition to the existing highway, will further increase accessibility and attractiveness;
  • gradual development is possible. Approximately 50% of the land plot is flat and empty, without structures and structures. The other half is an existing camp with residential buildings and related infrastructure.
The concept of the neighborhood Gorod v parke
On the land plot of the recreation center Volna there are perennial trees and a lot of greenery - it is possible to develop an architectural concept of the club residential complex in this area on the principles of installation of residential development in the existing forest area: the city in the park. It is possible to develop such a project with apartment buildings and objects of social and public importance, taking into account a set of measures for green construction with the preservation of a significant area of greenery to integrate the residential area and the natural environment. It is necessary to find a solution to develop an area with comfortable living conditions with maximum preservation of the forest area in order to place residential houses inside the natural park and use the landscape for designing houses. So that the planning structure of the new residential area is completely subordinated to the idea of living in harmony with nature.
It is possible to say that on the territory of the tourist base Volna a unique format of microdistrict Gorod v parke is possible, in which the connection of residential area and green space can be realized with the maximum reduction of the environmental impact, almost eliminating the cutting down of greenery on the plots for building. This is a new, almost unparalleled form of urban development in Russia, taking into account modern environmental trends, this is the future new face of residential complexes in southern Russia. 
Commercial terms of purchase
The property complex is realized by means of the open Dutch auction on the electronic trading platform (ETP) Lot-Online of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.