Sale of the investment and construction project of the Medvezhya Gora country resort

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Smirnova Vera


The investment project involves the construction of a multifunctional suburban recreation center in the Leningradskaya Oblast under the conventional name Medvezhya Gora and includes two independent facilities:
  1. A multifunctional suburban complex, which is being built on the basis of existing business, part of which is focused on the production of farm products. The concept of open fashionable culinary space.
  2. Recreational country club PineWood Residence.
1. Multifunctional suburban complex
The complex is created on the basis of the existing business of the company Medvezhya Gora, part of which is focused on the production of farm products, as well as on the management of suburban real estate.
The concept of open fashionable culinary space:
  • fabricity-kitchen;
  • farmer's market;
  • shopping, entertainment and hotel centres.
The complex Medvezhya Gora is located on the 17th km. of Priozerskoe Shosse (highway A129) in Agalatovo, Vsevolozhsky Rayon of Leningradskaya Oblast.
2. PineWood Residence Country Club
The project of cottage development is proposed to be implemented on the bank of Lembolovsky lake, on a land plot of 10.37 ha.
The plot is provided by Medvezhya Gora LLC for long-term rent.
Additional type of the planned activity is renting out retail and recreational areas - restaurant for 120 seats, shop of farm products and goods of prime necessity with the area of 50 meters, as well as various recreation areas for guests - active rest, sports, SPA-zone, children's and adult animation, etc.
The territory of the future club is located 3 km. from the federal highway Sortavala. Distance to St. Petersburg from the junction - 31 km. The plot is accessed by an asphalt road.
Options for acquiring rights to the project:
Interested investors are invited to consider several options for cooperation:
  1. Acquisition of shares of Medvezhya Gora LLC (in full or in part), which owns the rights to real estate and carries out their operational management.
  2. Acquisition of rights to a separate (independent) direction of the project through the registration of rights to specific real estate objects.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • the project is being implemented in one of the most dynamically developing areas of Leningradskaya Oblast;
  • high degree of project development;
  • possibility to acquire a ready-made business with the prospect of expansion and diversification;
  • Leningradskaya Oblast is characterized by consistently high demand for recreational and commercial facilities;
  • possibility to acquire only one project area.