Multi-finctional land plot on the Kiyevskoye highway

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A multifunctional land plot in the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg is offered for purchase.
Cadastral number: 78:42:1850401:45.
Area: 274,891 sq.m.
Category of lands: lands of settlements.
Form of ownership: private property.
Zoning in accordance with the Rules of Land Use and Development: multifunctional subzone of production, warehousing, engineering infrastructure of IV and V hazard classes, as well as public and business development facilities in peripheral and suburban areas of St. Petersburg (ТПД1_3).
Altitude regulations: 12 m.
Location and environment
The site area is bounded by Volkhonskoye highway in the north, Pushkinskoye highway in the south, Kievskoye highway in the east and Krasnoselskoye highway in the west. The site itself is located on the first line of the "evening" side of Kievskoye highway.
To the north of the object borders on the territory of the enterprise Betset CJSC, which is engaged in production of concrete, from the south-west side of the site is located gardening, non-profit partnerships Maloye Karlino and directly village Maloye Karlino.
Within transport accessibility there are numerous gardening, non-profit partnerships, dachnye non-profit partnerships and settlements.
Transport accessibility
Distance from major transport hubs and settlements:
  • Volkhonskoe highway of 7 km.;
  • Pulkovskoye highway of 7.5 km.;
  • Pushkinskoye Highway - 1.7 km;
  • Krasnoselskoye highway of 18 km.;
  • the distance to the Ring Road of 15 km.;
  • the distance to Krasnoye Selo of 13 km.;
  • the distance to Gatchina of 28 km.;
  • the distance to Pushkin is 13 km.
Prospects for the development of the facility
According to the urban planning regulations of ТПД1_3 territorial zone, the following types of permitted use of sites are established:
  • business administration;
  • markets;
  • shops;
  • vehicle maintenance;
  • production activity;
  • heavy industry;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • food industry;
  • building industry;
  • warehouses.
In case of obtaining the permission for the conditionally permitted type of use and necessary approvals it is possible to place such objects as:
  • Trade objects (shopping centers, shopping malls).
  • Public catering.
  • Hotel services.
  • Objects of roadside service.
  • Sports.
Maximum hazard class of capital construction objects is IV.
Having regard to that the site is located on the evening side of one of the busiest highways of the city and the region, leading to numerous settlements and cottage settlements, the object has excellent prospects for the implementation of the project to build a multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex.