Sberbank is ready to loan the purchase of this facility.
Address: 7И, Rabochaya Ulitsa, Staro-Panovo, Saint-Petersburg.
General characteristic:
For sale is offered a production and warehouse complex, located in the Krasnoselsky Rayon of St. Petersburg. The complex consists of 3 land plots and buildings and structures located on them.
At the moment the object is used for renting out the premises.
Total area of land plots: 20,318 sq.m.

Sequence number

Cadastral number of a land plot


Area of a land plot

Category of a land plot

Type of permitted use

Type of right



7А, Rabochaya Ulitsa, Staro-Panovo

19,987 sq.m.

lands of settlements

to locate industrial facilities




7Е, Rabochaya Ulitsa, Staro-Panovo, Saint-Petersburg

211 sq.m.

lands of settlements

to locate industrial facilities




7И, Rabochaya Ulitsa, Staro-Panovo, Saint-Petersburg

120 sq.m.

lands of settlements

to locate public utilities


On the land plot No. 1 there is an administrative and household building with the area of 1,318.9 sq.m., a garage with the area of 3,236.7 sq.m., a reinforcement shop with the area of 1,047.4 sq.m., a warehouse complex with the area of 2,298.1 sq.m., a warehouse complex with a parking lot (closed type) with the area of 2,683.9 sq.m., as well as a complete set warehouse with the area of 524 sq.m. 3-storey building of the industrial zone with the area of 276.1 sq.m.
On the land plot No. 2 there is a boiler house with the area of 89.3 sq.m.
On the land plot No. 3 there is a transformer substation No. 61 with the area of 84.6 sq.m.
Total area of buildings: 11,559 sq.m.
Zoning in accordance with Rules of Land Use and Development:
  • land plots No. 1 and No. 2 are located in the zone of engineering and transport infrastructure objects, communal objects, sanitary purification objects with inclusion of warehouse and industrial objects of IV and V hazard classes (ТИ1-1);
  • land plot No. 3 is located in the public and business subzone of multifunctional public and business development facilities and residential buildings in peripheral and suburban areas of Saint-Petersburg, located in the zone of influence of the Ring Road around Saint-Petersburg (ТД1-2_1).

Altitude regulation: 36 m.
Location and environment:
The facility is located in the industrial and warehouse quarter of the Staro-Panovo district, south of the Ligovo railway station.
The nearest surroundings of the facility are the industrial and warehouse sites, and there is an individual residential development in the immediate vicinity of the site.
Transport accessibility:
Remoteness from the main transportation hubs:
  • distance to Tallinnskoe Shosse - 1.7 km.;
  • distance to Ligovo railway station - 1.3 km.;
  • distance to the Ring Road - 2 km.