Opening date:
30-03-2020 at 12:00
Application deadline:
08-07-2020 at 18:00
Type of bid:
Sale by public offer
detailed description
Public offering

Helicopter platform and land plot, located in the town of Inta of the Komi Republic

Cut-off price
960 964.2 ₽
Starting price
1 921 928.4 ₽
Step upwards
6 406 ₽
Step downwards
64 064.28 ₽
The deposit amount
384 385 ₽
Sablikova Elizabeth
+7 (812) 334-43-66; +7 (812) 777-57-57 доб. 197


Address: between of the town of Inta and Verkhnyaya Inta settlement, Inta, Komi Republic.

Production facility (helicopter platform)
Cadastral number: 11:18:3101001:1089.
Area: 714 sq.m.
Restrictions (encumbrances) of rights: not registered.
Purpose: production.
Production facility is helicopter platform belongs to the Seller by right of ownership. Repeated certificate of state registration of the right 11 АА No. 621588 from 11.07.2009, record of registration No. 11-11-18/021/2008-463 from 16.01.2009.
Address: the location is relative to the landmark within the site. The landmark is a helicopter platform. Postal address of the landmark: Inta, the Komi Republic
Land plot
Area: 6,612 sq.m.
Cadastral number: 11:18:3101001:6.
Category of lands: industrial, energy, transport, communications, radio, television, computer science, land for space activities, defense, security and other special purpose land.
Type of permitted use: for operation of the helipad in the area of ПС-220 Inta.
Restrictions (encumbrances) of the right: not registered.
The land plot belongs to the Seller on the property right. Certificate of state registration of the right 11 AA No. 945954 from 30.07.2013, registration record No. 11-11-01/137/2013-480 from 30.07.2013.