date of realization:
17-02-2022 at 11:00
Application deadline:
09-02-2022 at 23:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 21 день


Address: lit. А, 11/72, Kurskaya Street, St. Petersburg.
Total area: 7,554.9 sq.m.
Cadastral number: 78:13:0007312:3016.
Year of building (commissioning): 1907 (year of major repairs: 1964).
Number of storeys: 5.
The building is not a cultural heritage object, it is owned.
To date, the building is not used, part of the window apertures of the first floor are covered with metal sheets, the building is disconnected from power resources.
Earlier the building was an apartment building, part of the building was used as a bath. Non-residential part was not used for more than 20 years.
The state of the object: the building emergency, not used, mothballed - partly draped with construction mesh, windows and doorways blocked, the roof is partially collapsed. Requires the reconstruction with the complete replacement of engineering communications.
In the contour of the transaction includes a plot of land plot with an area of 2,463 sq.m., registered in the property, with the type of permitted use: for residential building(s). Cadastral number: 78:13:0007312:10. Land plot is located within a single zone regulating the development and economic activity ОЗРЗ-2(13) of cultural heritage. In accordance with the General Plan land plot is located in the zone 3ЖД. In accordance with the CIP land plot is located in the territorial zone Т3ЖД3.
Location and transport accessibility
The building is located at the corner of Kurskaya Street and Voronezhskaya Street. The building has 4 separate entrances from the street and 8 entrances from the courtyard. Ligovsky Prospekt and Obvodny Canal Embankment - two large highways with high traffic flows - are located approximately 85 m. away and 340 m. away respectively. The nearest metro station «Obvodniy Kanal» is about 390 m. away (5 min. on foot).
Perspective use
The object requires reconstruction with the full replacement of engineering communications. After the work is done the object can be used as a commercial and office purpose or hotel/apartments. Considering the fact that there are practically no vacant building sites in the city center, and that the historic city center always has a stable demand for housing, the re-launch of the old building stock with complete reconstruction is often the only way out for developers. In addition, the building on sale has an advantage over other similar properties - it does not belong to the objects (identified objects) of cultural heritage, which may reduce the path of approval of the reconstruction project of the building in the state instances.