date of realization:
31-01-2022 at 11:00
Application deadline:
27-01-2022 at 17:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 11 дней


JSC «Auction house of the Russian Federation» announces an auction for the sale of non-residential space owned by AO «Polyus Krasnoyarsk»: 
- non-residential space, area - 114,1 sq. m, located at the address: space 1, 24 Krasnoy Gvardii ulitsa, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia; cadastral number: 24:50:0200078:162, which belongs to the Joint Stock Company «Polyus Krasnoyarsk» (AO «Polyus Krasnoyarsk») on the property right, about what registration record № 24-24-01/071/2006-793 was made in the Uniform State Register of Property 08.09.2006.The existing restrictions (encumbrances): none registered.