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10-12-2021 at 11:00
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06-12-2021 at 23:59
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Open English auction
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Usad'ba Shuvalovukh (E.A. Vorontsova-Dashkova)
A complex of historical buildings built in the late 19th-20th centuries located in the famous Shuvalov Park, the former estate of the Counts Shuvalovs, is being sold at auction. From 1947 to the present day, the estate belongs to the All-Russian Research Institute of High Frequency Currents named after Vologdin. VP Vologdin.
The complex includes 12 buildings (5 of which are classified as a federal heritage site), located on a plot of 7.5 hectares, as well as intrasite utilities.
General characteristics:
Address: 1 Shuvalovsky park, Pargolovo settlement, St. Petersburg.
The total area of buildings: 14 844 sq.m.
The Grand Palace (total area 5,454.1 sq.m, cad.number 78:36:0013105:3012), located in the center of the Shuvalov estate, was built in 1912-1914 by the architect S.S. Krichinsky in the classical style. The walls of the palace are decorated with reliefs with military heraldry, and on the stairs leading to the main entrance is a pair of stone lions.
The Small «White House» (total area 601.4 sq.m, cadastral number 78:36:0013105:3008) was built in the middle of the 19th century by the architect G.A. Bosse. At the beginning of XX century the building was partly reconstructed by S.S. Krichinsky. On one side of the courtyard was laid out its own garden with flowers and fruit trees.
Equestrian YardFarm») (total area 1353.2 sq.m, cad. № 78:36:0013105:3003) was built in the late XIX century by architect S.S. Krichinsky in Swiss style. It was built of bricks, and the facade of the 1st floor is decorated with the brickwork made of split boulders.
The former gardener's house (total area 191.1 sq.m, cadastral number 78:36:0013105:3011) was built in the middle of XIX century, using elements of framework. Over time, the architectural solution and the volume of the building have been changed.
The Tuff Arch (total area 22.1 sq.m, cad.No 78:36:0013105:3052) - a structure, which served in the old times as a transition bridge between the Upper and Lower Parks. During the war the arch was laid and used as a storage for fuel and lubricants.
There are seven other buildings on the grounds of the estate, dating from the late 1950s to the mid-1960s.
The objects are located on a land plot of 75,774 square meters, owned by right of ownership.
Cadastral number: 78:36:0013105:3001
Category of lands: lands of settlements
Type of permitted use: for placing of scientific objects
The object is provided with all engineering communications.
Restrictions on the land plot:
The land plot belongs to the objects of cultural heritage of federal importance "The Estate of the Shuvalovs (E.A. Vorontsova-Dashkova).
Type of the right for the real estate: property.
Location and surroundings:
Usad'ba Shuvalovukh is located in the north of St. Petersburg in the heart of Shuvalovsky Park.
The park covers 142 ha to the north of the Starozhilovka River, 136 ha of which is within the protected heritage area (new construction is prohibited there). The park has a lot of century-old spruces. The relief of the park is hilly.
In Shuvalovsky Park, in addition to the objects in progress, there are such sights as Messmacher House, Yellow Dacha - a wooden mansion of M. Messmacher, 12 ponds, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, open to the public, the Crypt of Adolf, Stone Bridge, the bulk mountain «Old Parnas», the mountain «New Parnas», ruins of Cold Baths, the headquarters of the Karelian Front (was buried after an accident).
All these sites are included in the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO.
Transport accessibility:
  • The object is located at a distance of 2.7 km from the railway station «Pargolovo»;
  • Distance to Vyborgskoye shosse - 1,3 km.
  • The nearest metro station «Parnas» is 3 km away.
Prospects for use: The buildings that make up the ensemble of the Shuvalov Estate require complex restoration work, and the industrial buildings of the Soviet period is possible to adapt for modern use. In the future, after restoration, the object can be used for cultural and leisure activities and various events.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • Location of the facility in a historic location - Shuvalovsky Park - the former manor house of the Shuvalovs.
  • Excellent cultural potential of the object.
  • Shuvalovsky Park - a favorite place for walking and recreation residents of St. Petersburg.
  • Objects in the property.