date of realization:
01-11-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
29-10-2021 at 15:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
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Operating hotel «Zolotoy Zaton» 4 * in Astrakhan
A 7-story hotel complex is located at: 60 Admirala Nakhimova ulitsa, Astrakhan, in a picturesque area on the bank of the Zolotoy Zaton of the Volga River. The hotel was built in 2009, equipped with modern equipment. The rooms have a view of the Volga and the city. There are 146 rooms with terraces and balconies. There is a spacious parking lot in front of the building.
This is a year-round business. Hotel «Zolotoy Zaton» won the Astrakhan Business Award 2018 in the category «Best Business Hotel».
Property description and composition:
Hotel building - 9,367.5 sq.m, cadastral number 30:12:030071:401 with movable property - 6,866 items (9,516 units).
TP building - 92,3 sq.m. cadastral number 30:12:030071:564
Land plot - 4 492 sq.m. cadastral number 30:12:030404:180
The business-class hotel «Golden Zaton» has:
4 conference halls - Restaurant «Volga-Volga» - Lobby bar - Banquet hall - Sauna - Beauty salon - Fitness center - Tennis court - Laundry - Parking
Transport accessibility:
Hotel «Zolotoy Zaton» is located in the south-western part of the city in the Soviet district of Astrakhan, the airport of Astrakhan is 2 km away (about 7 min) and the Astrakhan Kremlin is 15 min away.
Investment attractiveness factors
The property is located on the picturesque bank of the Zolotoy Zaton of the Volga River, 15 minutes from the central railway station and the Astrakhan Kremlin. Distance to the airport is 3 km.
Own surface parking.
Object can bring profit up to 70 million rubles per year as the ready-made business right after the purchase. Taking into account the recovery of tourist traffic in Russia the hotel is working with a high load. Astrakhan - a region with active traffic. The 100% occupancy of the flights of several companies shows the demand and stability of the destination.
Existing restrictions (encumbrances):
1. Short-term lease agreement № 53 of 07.04.2021 concluded with LLC «Zolotoy Zaton Yupro»;
Object 1, Object 2 and Object 3 are pledged by JSC National Standard Bank (INN: 7750056688, OGRN: 1157700006650) (Pledgee) on the basis of the mortgage agreement № 13К/014-21/Z3 dated 13.07.2021.