date of realization:
07-02-2022 at 11:00
Application deadline:
01-02-2022 at 23:59
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
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Children's hockey school

Starting price
16 665 630 ₽
Step upwards
160 000 ₽
The deposit amount
1 666 563 ₽
Kornik Anna


Property complex (children's hockey school), located at the address: 45, Lyublinskaya Ulitsa, Chelyabinsk.
The lot includes: 1 land plot and 1 building.
Land plot
Area: 6,178 sq.m.
Cadastral number: 74:36:0308025:8.
Ctegory of lands: lands of settled.
Type of permitted use: for operation of children's hockey school.
Property registration record No. 74:36:0308025:8-74/001/2018-2 dated 26.10.2018.
Restrictions (encumbrances) of the right: not registered.
Non-residential building (children's hockey school)
Total area: 918.3 sq.m.
Cadastral number: 74:36:0308025:43.
Purpose: non-residential.
Number of storeys: 2, including underground floors: 1.
Property registration record No. 74:36:0308025:43-74/001/2018-3 dated 26.10.2018.
Technical condition is good.
Engineering communications: heating from CHP, water supply from the city network (steel pipes), sewerage common, electrical wiring hidden.
Location and surroundings
The building is located in the Leninsky district, on Novorossiyskaya Ulitsa, the main street of the city. Predominantly built-up area consists of apartment buildings with administrative and commercial premises on the first floor. Social infrastructure is developed.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  1. Located in the Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk city.
  2. Excellent transport, pedestrian and visual accessibility.
  3. The building is in good technical condition and provided with all necessary engineering communications.
  4. Restrictions (encumbrances) on the rights to the above property are not registered.
Prospects for use: a sports school, development center.