date of realization:
03-11-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
30-10-2021 at 23:30
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 11 дней

Rights (claims) of Bank «TRUST» (PJSC) to OOO «Kazan Modern Packaging Plant»

Starting price
346 333 878.65 ₽
Step upwards
5 195 008.18 ₽
The deposit amount
34 633 387.87 ₽
Market data
Ссылка на ЭТП
Shakaya Levan


Rights (claims) of «TRUST» Bank (PJSC) to OOO «KZSU», INN 1655206290: - all rights (claims) of «TRUST» Bank (PJSC) to OOO «KZSU» arising from the Credit Agreement No. 0404-14-2-0 on opening the credit line dated 18.06.2014 All rights (claims) of «TRUST» Bank (PAO) to OOO «KZSU», arising from Credit Agreement No. 0451-14-2-0 on opening a credit line dated 25.09.2014 (with all additional agreements), in the scope and on the conditions that will exist as of the date of assignment. For more details please refer to the information notice.