date of realization:
12-11-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
28-10-2021 at 23:59
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 15 дней


100% shares of AO «Restavratsionnye Kompanii» and non-residential premises in Moscow (Eastern Administrative District)
Address: Eastern Administrative District, Sokolinaya Gora, Okruzhnoi Proezd, Moscow.
Objects of sale (assets):
  • shares in AO «Restavratsionnye Kompanii» - 100% of shares in the charter capital of the Company are owned by the Russian Federation;
  • non-residential premises on the balance sheet of the Company with a total area of 3,370.7 sq.m. at the address: Eastern Administrative District, Sokolinaya Gora, 16, Okruzhnoi Proezd, Moscow.
The assets are sold as a single lot, in the form of the sale of a 100% block of shares in AO «Restavratsionnye Kompanii».
Charter capital of AO «Restavratsionnye Kompanii» is 177,011,092 rub., consisting of 118 ordinary registered book-entry shares with nominal value of 1,500,094 rub. each. State registration number of shares: No. 1-02-15054-A of 28.11.2012. The share of the Russian Federation in the charter capital of the Company is 100%.
Composition of the real property of AO «Restavratsionnye Kompanii» (details):
  • Non-residential premises located in non-residential building at the address: Eastern Administrative District, Sokolinaya Gora, 16, Okruzhnoi Proezd, Moscow. Non-residential premises are office blocks with total area of 3,370.7 sq.m. and occupy the most part of the building (total building area: 6,130.3 sq.m., other 2,759.6 sq.m. are the property of the Russian Federation and are under the operational management of Rostekhnadzor). The premises are located on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, as well as in the basement and ground floor of the building. Premises have a corridor-cabinet layout, finishing in the premises carried out entirely. Type of right: property, cadastral number: 77:03:0003019:8372. Building characteristics: 5-story building, year of construction: 1960. The building natural ventilation, availability of Internet and telephony. There is a possibility of installing air conditioning (split-system), two elevators on each floor of the building - one elevator in the jurisdiction of the AO «RK», the second - in the jurisdiction of Rostekhnadzor. These non-residential premises are pledged (mortgaged) up to and including 07.08.2024 under Credit Agreement No. 2337/КЛ dated 07.08.2019, concluded between the Lender - CFB LLC and the Borrower - AO «RK». Information about the restriction of rights and encumbrance of this real estate is registered in the Unified State Register of Real Estate about the real estate under the No. 77:03:0003019:8372-77/003/2019-1.
  • Non-residential one-story building - a garage, year of construction: 1960, for 10 cars, located in the courtard of the building, at the address: Eastern Administrative District, Sokolinaya Gora, 16 bldg 2, Okruzhnoi Proezd, Moscow. The building's total area 378.9 sq.m. Type of right: economic management, cadastral number: 77:03:0003019:1196. Garage and building are located within a single land plot with an area of 7,193 sq.m. (cadastral number: 77:03:0003019:59), which is not a part of the objects of sale. The territory of the land plot is fenced.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  1. Location: 70 m. from the building is the station MCC «Izmailovo», to the «Izmailovo» metro station - 800 m. The building is located on the first line of the Okruzhnoi proezd. Access to the garage is through the gate fencing the building. 
  2. Transport accessibility: both sites are well located with direct exit on Okruzhnoy proezd. Exit at Izmailovskoe highway - 500 m. The immediate surroundings are residential and public and business objects.
  3. Non-residential premises are partially (2,460.33 sq.m.) rented out for short term lease. The rental cash flow is 1,782,036.50 rub. per month.