date of realization:
23-03-2022 at 10:00
Application deadline:
15-03-2022 at 23:59
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 55 дней

100% block of shares of АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban»

Starting price
574 000 000 ₽
Step upwards
3 000 000 ₽
The deposit amount
114 800 000 ₽


Sale of 741,981 ordinary registered uncertified shares (state registration number of issue: 1-01-34438-E of October 26, 2005), which amounts to 100% of the charter capital of АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban» is offered for sale at an auction during privatization.
Information about АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban»
Full name - АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban» (OGRN 1052303687006, INN 23081091556, KPP 230801001).
Abbreviated name - АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban».
Address (location) of the Company: Rashpilevskaya Ulitsa, 106, Krasnodar, 350000.
The amount of the charter capital of the Company is 74,198 rub.
The total number and categories of shares of the Company issued is 741,981 ordinary registered uncertified shares.
The par value of the shares is the same and equals to 100 (one hundred) rub.
The Registrar is JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.».
Number of employees (as of 30.09.2020) - 59 persons.
The list of types of main products (works, services), production of which is carried out by the business company:
  • production of printed products: newspapers, magazine products, other printed products;
  • leasing own space of the enterprise.
The total area of buildings, structures and constructions owned by the АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban» - 35,624.2 sq.m., the total area of land plots - 38,055 sq.m.
List of immovable property owned by the Company and accounted as fixed assets:
1. Property complex (administrative and trading buildings) at the address: Rashpilevskaya Ulitsa/Ulitsa Kalinina, 106/468, Krasnodar:
  • total area of buildings, structures - 13,637.60 sq.m. (administrative building - lit. Д, administrative building - lit. E (offices, dining room), под/Е, е1, industrial building - lit. A (printing house), А/1 (editorial and publishing house), A/2 (former newspaper building));
  • land plot area of 7,621 sq.m., cadastral number: 23:43:02 07 009:0001, category of lands: lands of settlement, type of permitted use: for operation of buildings and structures of the publishing house print shop.
2. Property complex (industrial building) at the address: Rashpilevskaya Ulitsa, 110, Krasnodar:
  • total area of buildings, structures - 13,736 sq.m. (building - lit. A (newspaper complex));
  • land plot with area of 5,482 sq.m., cadastral number: 23:43:02 05 074:0018, category of lands: lands of settlements, type of permitted use: for completion of construction and operation of building of newspaper complex.
3. Property complex at the address: Ulitsa Krasnykh Partizan, 4, Krasnodar:
  • total area of buildings - 8,324.50 sq.m. (non-residential building (warehouse) - lit. A, под/A; non-residential building (warehouse) - lit. Б; non-residential building (garage) - lit. B, под/B, warehouse, fire station, gatehouse, pump house, fuel, lubricants, gas station, the structure - the shed, TP).
  • land plot with an area of 26,108 sq.m, cadastral number: 23:43:01 15 017:0001, category of lands: lands of settlement, type of permitted use: for operation of storage facilities.
4. Property complex at the address: Shapsugsky Reservoir Area, Takhtamukaysky District, Republic of Adygea:
  • dormitory building with a total area of 124.44 sq.m.; billiard room with a total area of 116.16 sq.m.; sauna room with a total area of 37.77 sq.m.; kitchen with a total area of 17.7 sq.m. - objects are in a ruined condition.
Today АО «Izdatelstvo «Sovetskaya Kuban» remains a major printing company in the Krasnodar region. It is the leader in printing central and regional newspapers. The publishing house prints more than 30 different titles of newspapers with a total circulation of over 50 million copies. The condition of the capital construction is assessed as satisfactory. As of September 2020, 16,785.18 sq.m. of premises are rented, which is 47% of the rentable area of the buildings.
Investment advantages:
  1. Operating enterprise printing activities.
  2. Operating rental business.
  3. Developed infrastructure of the area.
  4. Good transport accessibility.
  5. The objects of assessment are owned by the Company.
  6. The possibility of using the assets as for their own needs, and for renting.

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