Sale of 100% shares of OOO «Shushary»
The company owns a mini-thermal power plant (hereandafter - TPP) for a logistics center. An independent power and heat generation complex designed for autonomous supply of both own production needs and the needs of nearby consumers, providing an opportunity to gain independence from resource monopolists and not to take into account the factors of changing city tariffs for heat and electricity supply in the financial planning of activities, to ensure uninterrupted supply. For the companies, already involved in the market of heat and electric power, it allows to increase the category to the 1st category, to increase the selling capacity.
Address: 3-y Badaevsky Proezd, 6 lit. А, Shushary Settlements, St. Petersburg, 196626.
The total area of the building: 1,330.7 sq.m. Cadastral number: 78:42:15115A:334:105.
Land plot, area: 3,400 sq.m., category of lands: lands of settlements, type of permitted use: energy, production activity, cadastral number: 78:42:1511501:334.
Mini-TPP is a cogeneration mini-heat and power plant located in a detached frame building. The object is characterized by exceptional transport accessibility, as it is located in close proximity to the Moscow highway and the Ring Road. The capacity of the TPP is designed to provide heat and electricity to adjacent industrial facilities and logistics centers.