date of realization:
18-05-2021 at 14:00
Application deadline:
13-05-2021 at 14:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 5 дней

Bar of gold (Russia), 11,906.9 g, part by weight of gold is 99.99% (999 platemark)

Starting price
51 987 549.57 ₽
Step upwards
2 599 377.48 ₽
The deposit amount
5 198 754.96 ₽
Канивец Яна


Bar of gold КВ 0695 (Russia) weighing 11,906.9 g, 99.99% mass fraction of gold (999 tests). The property is being sold on behalf of the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency.
The bar of gold produced by one of the most famous Russian refineries - Kolyma Gold Refinery (KAZ). Part by weight of gold is 99.99%, 999 platemark (pure gold). Year of manufacture: 2008. The bullion is supplied with a specification with the exact weight, batch number. There is a scratch on the ingot.

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