date of realization:
11-05-2021 at 14:00
Application deadline:
06-05-2021 at 14:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
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Non-residential building - administrative building
Address: Sokursky Trakt, 20, Saratov.
Total area: 2,932.4 sq.m.
Cadastral number: 64:48:040132:343. 
Number of storeys: 3, underground: 1.
The object is equipped with electricity, sewerage, heating. 
Land surveying is not conducted, property rights are not registered. 
The object is located in the city, in an industrial area of the city of Saratov. Nearby are industrial plants, dairy plant, wholesale market, auto service stations and other.
Transport accessibility is good:
  • to the nearest public transport stop - 600 m.;
  • to the highway P-228 «Syzran-Saratov-Volgograd» - 7 km. 
Investment attractiveness:
  1. At the moment the object is used as a commercial and office purpose.
  2. The object is 25% leased.
  3. Good transport accessibility from the city districts as well as from Saratov bypass road, good transport accessibility.
  4. The object is located in an industrial area of a large city, makes it possible to combine in one location production and office space for administrative staff, which is important for certain types of business.