date of realization:
28-04-2021 at 10:00
Application deadline:
20-04-2021 at 23:59
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги завершены

99,99308% share in the charter capital of OОО «Sady Michurina»

Starting price
146 322 873.76 ₽
Step upwards
500 000 ₽
The deposit amount
29 264 574.75 ₽
Tomazenko Maxim


A share of 99.99308% in the charter capital of OОО «Sady Michurina» is offered for sale.
The amount of the authorized capital is 130,010,000 rub.
The enterprise was created on April 24, 2016 on the initiative of the Governor of the Tambov region Alexander Valerievich Nikitin. The main purpose of its creation is to provide the population of the Tambov region, and in the future the neighboring regions with fruit and berry products of its own production.
As of 30.04.2020 there are 716 ha of land plots:
  • 157 ha - in ownership;
  • 559 ha - in the long term lease for 49 years (two rotations of intensive orchards).
The company has already planted over 250 ha of apple orchards, 4 ha with berries (raspberries and black currant), as well as its own nursery of 84,000 seedlings. The gardens are already bearing fruit.
The company uses modern methods and technology of intensive horticulture, in which per hectare is placed 2 thousand trees on dwarf rootstock. Only highly productive varieties resistant to various external influences are used.
The enterprise is provided with a team with years of experience in horticulture (the number of employees - 43 people), as well as all the necessary equipment, agricultural machinery for horticultural activities. The enterprise also owns an industrial refrigerator for 1,250 tons.