date of realization:
27-04-2020 at 14:00
Application deadline:
22-04-2020 at 14:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
Торги через 19 дней

Sanatorium-Preventorium (of 5,563.1 sq.m.), located at the address: 12, Zavodskaya Street, Chekhov, Moscow Region

Starting price
97 136 119.35 ₽
Step upwards
4 856 805.97 ₽
The deposit amount
9 713 611.94 ₽
Orlov Artur
+7 (985) 171-90-57


Address: 12, Zavodskaya Street, Chekhov, Moscow Region

Non-residential building - an active sanatorium-preventorium in the town of Chekhov.
The object with the total area of 5,563 sq.m. is in ownership and consists of two buildings:
  • building lit. П, П1 with the total area of 2,969.1 sq.m.;
  • building lit. Б with the total area of 2,594 sq.m.
Building 1 with the total area of 2,969.1 sq.m. is a brick 3-storey building with balconies, where the rooms and the dining room are located. Each room has a balcony. The building was built in 1985. The object with finishing.
Building 2 with the total area of 2,594 sq.m. is 2-storey brick building, year of construction 1985, needs repair. The building has a swimming pool and infrastructure facilities.
Land plot in long-term lease (49 years). The area of 15,700 sq.m. Category of lands: lands of settlements. Type of permitted use: for placement of sanatorium-preventorium.
The object is equipped with electricity, heating, its own gas boiler room. Along the perimeter of the site is a fence.
The deal includes a low pressure gas pipeline of 126.9 m. long, address: 12, Zavodskaya Street, Chekhov, Moscow Region.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • Location - a green and environmentally friendly place surrounded by private residential sector on the outskirts of the town of Chekhov, the entrance is by asphalt road; entrance from Moscow - on the federal highway 46K-2003, railway station Chekhov is located in 1.5 km., 500 m. to the public transport stop.
  • At present the building is leased as a sanatorium-preventorium for 11 months (till 30.04.2020), cash flow consists of 3,600,000 rub. per year.