Opening date:
Application deadline:
18-05-2020 at 14:00
Type of bid:
Sale by public offer
detailed description
Public offering

Building with the area of 8,590.4 sq.m., land plot with the area of 6,773 +/- 28.8 sq.m. at the address: 2а, Lomonosova street, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region

Cut-off price
68 594 341.29 ₽
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Starting price
274 377 365.15 ₽
Step downwards
13 718 868.26 ₽
Kornik Anna


Administrative building is offered for sale.
The object is located in the center of the city with a beautiful view of the Tagil River, on the first line of Ostrovskogo Street, in Leninsky district of Nizhny Tagil. Nearby there are residential buildings, objects of social and cultural life. High traffic flows provide good transport accessibility for small and heavy transport.
Address: 2а, Lomonosova street, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region.
Cadastral number: 66:56:0208008:589.
Total area: 8,590.4 sq.m.
Purpose: non-residential.
Number of storeys: 10, including underground: 1.
Building structural elements: foundation blocks, walls, partitions, exterior finishing are brick. The roof is made of soft roofing. Windows are three-layered, plastic double-glazed windows. Interior decoration of the building is made of high quality materials.
The object is provided with all necessary utilities: heating, water supply, electricity, ventilation, sewerage, elevators.
Property of 55 items (inseparable improvements): video surveillance system, air conditioning system, telephone network, racks, elevators, heat curtain, etc.
Land plot
Cadastral number: 66:56:0110015:5.
Area: 6,773 +/- 28.8 sq.m.
Category of lands: lands of settlements.
Type of permitted use: for bank building operation.
Restrictions and encumbrances: not registered.
Possible uses of the object: rental business.
Investment attractiveness:
  • The building is in good technical condition, has standard office finish, used for its intended purpose.
  • It is one of the few buildings of this level in the area.
  • The area around the building is landscaped and there is ground parking.
The leasable area is 3,944.8 sq.m., including about 600 sq.m. rented out. The average rental rate is 597 rub./sq.m. The average monthly utility costs are 266,000 rub.