date of realization:
24-04-2020 at 11:00
Application deadline:
20-04-2020 at 23:59
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
Торги через 16 дней

Non-residential premises and movable property are located at the address: 36, Kirova Avenue, Tomsk

Cut-off price
85 782 780 ₽
Starting price
171 565 560 ₽
Step upwards
857 828 ₽
Step downwards
8 578 278 ₽
The deposit amount
17 000 000 ₽
36, Kirova Avenue, Tomsk
Total area
6 381.1 m²
Market data
Ссылка на ЭТП
Alexander Ryzhkov
+7 (991)374 84 91


Address: 36, Kirova Avenue, Tomsk
Non-residential premises with a total area of 6,381.1 sq.m. in three administrative buildings
The buildings are located on the first line of Kirova Avenue and represent a class C business center. The office premises are located on the floors: basement, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The walls of the building are bricks.
  • Building No. 1. Brick 5-storey non-residential building, built in 1961.
  • Building No. 2. Brick 6-storey non-residential building, built in 1975.
  • Building No. 3. Brick 1-storey non-residential building, built in 1961.
Communications: electricity, central heating, water supply, sewerage, telephone system from the city automatic telephone station.
 a part of premises with the total area of 1,186.7 sq.m. are leased out till 31.12.2020, a part of premises with the total area of 2,454.8 sq.m. are leased out under short-term lease agreements with an average rate of 418.29 rub. per month per 1 sq.m., including VAT and utility costs.
The building is located on three land plots with a total area of 4,341.4 sq.m. (cadastral numbers: 70:21:0200017:6523, 70:21:0200017:40, 70:21:0200017:0029), used under rental agreements.
The sale also includes movable property, including those representing inseparable building improvements: automatic fire alarm, security alarm, access control system, etc.
The nearest surroundings are mainly multi-storey residential buildings with commercial premises on the first floors, office buildings. In close proximity to the object there are: higher education institution, private clinic, commercial and social facilities.
Transport accessibility is excellent: the nearest public transport stops are less than 100 m. away.
Parking is possible on the adjacent territory.
Urban planning situation: according to the General Plan of the city, the object is located within the boundaries of the zone of development of residential buildings of variable number of storeys in historical districts.