date of realization:
17-07-2020 at 11:00
Application deadline:
13-07-2020 at 17:00
Type of bid:
Outdoor Dutch auction
detailed description
Торги через 6 дней

Premise (of 541.4 sq.m.), located at the address: 24 (premise 25), Krasnoy Gvardii Street, Krasnoyarsk

Cut-off price
9 945 604.5 ₽
Starting price
19 891 209 ₽
Step upwards
100 000 ₽
Step downwards
994 560.45 ₽
The deposit amount
1 989 120.9 ₽
Alexander Ryzhkov
+7 (991)374 84 91


Address: 24 (premise 25), Krasnoy Gvardii Street, Krasnoyarsk
The premise with total area of 541.4 sq.m. is located on the second floor of a 4-storey administrative building
Entrance to compartment is realized through common entrance of building, at that compartments are located in separate storey block, entrance to compartment block is separate.
Year of construstion: 1974.
Total area: 4,586.9 sq.m.
Brick walls, wooden partitions.
The height of ceilings in the premiess - 3.4 m.
Provided with central communications.
The object is located in the Zheleznodorozhniy district of Krasnoyarsk city on the left bank of the Yenisei River. The closest surroundings are business and residential facilities: business centers, shopping centers, apartment buildings. Parking is possible on the adjacent territory along Krasnaya Gvardia Street.