Opening date:
20-01-2020 at 12:00
Application deadline:
16-03-2020 at 18:00
Type of bid:
Sale by public offer
detailed description
Public offering

Sale of 100% block of shares of Volgogradhimreaktiv JSC

Cut-off price
57 018 750 ₽
Starting price
76 025 000 ₽
Step upwards
500 000 ₽
Step downwards
1 900 625 ₽
The deposit amount
7 602 500 ₽
Harlanova Natalya
+7(927)208-21-43; +7(927)208-15-82


Information on the issuer of shares

Full name of the Company

Volgogradhimreaktiv Join-Stock Company


INN: 3443053127; KPP: 344301001; OGRN: 1023402986969

Postal address and location of the Company

4А, Tomskaya Street, Volgograd, Volgograd Region, 400048 

Size of the Company's charter capital, total number, nominal value and categories of issued shares of the Company

The size of the authorized capital is 9,116,500 (nine million one hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred) rub.

Total number and categories of issued shares: 91,165 (ninety one thousand one hundred and sixty-five) ordinary registered non-documentary shares with a par value of 100 (one hundred) rub. each.

State registration number of the issue: 1-01-33549-E


Joint-stock company Register company STATUS (License of the Federal Financial Markets Service to carry out activities on the maintenance of the register No. 10-000-1-00304 from 12.03.04 without limitation of the term of validity).

Location: 23 bldg 1, Novokhokhlovskaya Street, Moscow, 109052, the building of Ring Park Business Center

Phone/fax: +7 (495) 280-04-87

Information on the types of activities of the Company

  • wholesale and unspecialized trade;
  • wholesale and retail trade in chemical reagents and chemical products;
  • sales of laboratory products;
  • supply and sale of medicines and medical equipment;
  • retail trade in pharmaceutical products;
  • retail sale of medical and orthopaedic products;
  • wholesale of pharmaceutical and medical products;
  • wholesale of medical equipment and orthopaedic products;
  • manufacture of pharmaceuticals and medicines;
  • surrender (lease) of own immovable property in it;
  • production of plastic products;
  • production of construction materials;
  • production of plastic products used in construction, including pipes, slabs, panels, profiles;
  • production of other plastic products;
  • wholesale trade in construction materials of all types;
  • retail trade in all types of construction materials;
  • wholesale and retail trade in plastic products;
  • wholesale trade in oil products;
  • retail trade in oil products;
  • wholesale and retail trade in other industrial and household goods

List of the Company's real estate properties

The list is available as part of the auction documentation on the website: