Auction for sale of land plots in the Leningrad Region (Bugry) and shares in the authorized capitals of legal entities

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date of realization:
19-09-2019 at 12:00
Application deadline:
17-09-2019 at 17:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
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Land plot and share of Novye Gorizonty 3 LLC

Starting price
118 187 760 ₽
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Step upwards
1 000 000 ₽
The deposit amount
10 000 000 ₽
Akimova Yulia


Land plots for multifamily residential development with construction permits.

Address: Tsentralnoe Array, Bugrovskoe Rural Settlements, Vsevolozhsky Municipal District, Leningrad Region.


General characteristic:

An investment project of construction of a multi-storey residential block in the territory of the Leningrad region in close proximity to St. Petersburg is offered for purchase.

These are some of the few projects in the region, which allows you to build multi-storey residential buildings.


The object of sale includes 6 (six) lots, each of which includes:

· 100% shares of companies owning land plots.

· Rights to a land plot with an equity participation agreement.

· Design and initial permits as part of the project documentation:

Total area of sites: 25 ha.

Category of land plots: lands of residential settlements.

Allowed type: for complex development for housing construction purposes.

Type of right: property.


Prospects of the Object development:

On each stage the owner has received the building permission according to which on offered ground areas building of objects with the following technical and economic indicators is coordinated:

The total area of apartments on the offered land plots is 441,601 sq.m.

Load on 1 sq.m. of sold housing is 4,000 rubles.


Factors of investment attractiveness:

· The project is being implemented in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 214 in force before changes are made.

· High degree of readiness of the project: town-planning plans and the approved documentation on a lay-out of territory and building permits are received.

· Possibility of erection of residential buildings above 9 floors.

· Convenient transport connection with the city and region, the proximity of KAD congresses.

· The project envisages construction of a residential complex with the total area of apartments: 441,601 sq.m.

· Location with well-developed and modern infrastructure.

· The object is in the property.

The object of sale includes:


No. of Lot



Cadastral number of plot

Plot area, ha

Lot No. 3

(step 4)

Novye Forizonty 3 LLC

GPZU RU47504302-74 of 30.04.2014.

Construction permit RU47504302-69 of 23.05.2014.

Decision to amend the RNS of 28.06.2018.

Positive opinion of non-state expertise review No. 4-1-1-0274-14 dated 07.05.2014.

Tech. report on the materials of engineering and geological surveys.

Tech. engineering and environmental survey report.




Prospects of the Object development:

According to the received permission for construction on the land plot the construction of a residential complex with the following technical and economic indicators has been approved:



Unit of measurement


Lot No. 3 (step 4)

Total area of apartments including balconies



Total floor area of built-in premises



Number of floors



Number of underground floors



Number of parking spaces