Land plot and share of Novye Gorizonty 2 LLC

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Akimova Yulia


Land plots for multifamily residential development with building permits.
Address: Massiv Tsentralnoe, Bugrovskoe, Bugry, Vsevolozhsky Munitsipalny Rayon, Leningradskaya Oblast.
General characteristic:
To purchase an investment project is offered to build a multi-storey residential quarter in Leningradskaya Oblast in close proximity to St. Petersburg.
This is one of the few projects in the region that allows to build multi-storey residential buildings.
The object of sale includes 6 (six) lots, each of which includes:
  • 100% shares of companies owning land plots.
  • Rights to a land plot with a share participation agreement.
  • Project and initial permit documentation as a part of it:
Total area of the plots: 25 ha.
Category of land plots: lands of settlements.
Permitted type: for complex development for housing construction purposes.
Type of right: property.
Prospects of development of the Object:
For each stage, the owner received a building permit, according to which the proposed land plots agreed to the construction of facilities with the technical and economic indicators:
  • Total area of apartments on the proposed land plots is 441,601 sq.m.
  • Load on 1 sq.m. of sale housing is 4,000 rub.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • The project is implemented in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 214, which is in force before the changes are made.
  • High degree of readiness of the project: town-planning plans and approved documentation on planning of territory and building permits are received.
  • Possibility of erection of residential buildings above 9 floors.
  • Convenient transport connection with the city and region, proximity of Ring Road congresses.
  • The project provides for the construction of a residential complex with the total area of apartments: 441,601 sq.m.
  • Location with well-developed and modern infrastructure.
  • The object is in the property.
The object of sale includes:

No. of a Lot



Cadastral number of a plot

Area of a plot, ha

Lot No. 2 (stage 3)

Novye Gorizonty 2 LLC

ГПЗУ RU47504302-73 of 30.04.2014.

Construction permit RU47504302-68 of 23.05.2014.

Decision to amend the building permit of 28.06.2018.

Positive opinion of the non-state expertise of 07.05.2014 No. 4-1-1-0273-14.

Technical report on engineering and geological surveys.

Technical report on engineering and environmental surveys.



Prospects of the Object development:
According to the received building permit, the construction of a residential complex with the technical and economic indicators was approved on the land plot:


Unit of measurement


Lot No. 2 (stage 3)

Total area of apartments including balconies



Total floor area of built-in premises



Nimber of storeys



Number of underground floors



Number of parking spaces