Property complex of the former Atomenergosapchast plant (see the object at
Address: 9, Voronezhskoye shosse, Novoronezh, Voronezhskaya Oblast

General characteristic:
The property complex of industrial purpose in the Voronezh region is offered for sale. The complex consists of 2 (two) land plots and buildings and structures located on them.
Previously, the Atomenergosapchast machine-building enterprise was located on the territory

Area № 

Cadastral number

Square (sq.m.)


Allowed usage



68 454

populated areas

for the operation of industrial facilities



97 603

populated areas

to locate industrial facilities

Total area of land plots: 166 057 sq. m.
Total area of buildings: 83,000 sq. m.
Form of ownership: private
Landfill zoning: zone of location of production enterprises, structures and engineering facilities of II class of hazard (P III-1-2)
The site is provided with all necessary energy resources:
Electricity - 1,855 kW;
Water supply - 3 172 cubic meters per year;
Water discharge - 4,320 cubic meters per year;
Heat supply for heating purposes - 2,463.086 Gcal/year;
Heat supply for ventilation - 2,881.525 Gcal/year.

It is possible to increase the capacity of engineering networks.
There is a possibility of gasification (hydraulic fracturing is located on the territory).
Prospects for development of the facility:
According to the town-planning regulations of the territorial zone P III-1.2 the following types of permitted use of land plots are established:
  • Production enterprises, structures and other facilities of II class of hazard
  • Production and communal warehouse enterprises, facilities and other objects of III class of danger
  • Production and communal and warehouse enterprises, facilities and other facilities of IV class of danger
  • Production and public utilities and warehousing enterprises, facilities and other facilities of the V class of danger

When obtaining a permit for a conditionally permitted type of use, and the necessary approvals may be placed objects such as:
  • Car service enterprises
  • Temporary storage of raw materials

The maximum percentage of development within the boundaries of the land plot is 80%.
All changes related to the main production process, including: changes in the nature of production, rent and lease of premises, etc. - should be coordinated with the TS Rospotrebnadzor, environmental protection and architecture and urban development bodies.
In case the enterprises of IV-V class of hazard are located, the territory of their sanitary protection zones should be not less than 50% green.
Factors of investment attractiveness:
  • Large industrial complex;
  • The site is provided with all necessary energy resources;
  • The site has an advantageous transport and geographical location;
  • It is possible to locate industrial and warehouse facilities of II-III hazard class.