Gas well located at Romanyolskoye gas field of the Republic of Komi

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Miroshkina Anna


Romanyolskoye gas field. Well No. 1
Address: Intinsky Rayon, Republic of Komi.
Cadastral number: 11:18:0000000:199.
Object of sale: construction.
Name: Well No. 1 Romanyolskaya, parametric, gas, in conservation.
Number of storeys: 1, including underground: 0.
Depth: 3,500 m.
Location: Intinsky Rayon of the Republic of Komi, 25 km. north of Inta.
The field is classified as an unallocated subsoil fund. An application is being made to Sevzapnedra to license the site.
The Romanyolskaya structure is prepared for deep drilling on reflective horizons in the Lower Perm carbonate deposits. The gas deposit in the carbonate sediments of the middle carbonate was discovered in 1985 by parametric well No. 1.